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Good Day Sirs,

Kamrul Traders providing services pls check below.

** Master Mariners Pilot Support. Master Mariners 飞行员支持。

** Grabs Supply. 抢货。

** Fenders Supply. 挡泥板供应。

** Fresh Water Supply. 淡水供应。

** Provisions Supply. 规定供应。

** Bonded Stores Supply. 保税商店供应。

** Watchman support. 守望者支持

** Lubricant Oil, Bunker. 润滑油,地堡

** Deck & Engine Ship Spare, Cabin Stores as per IMO ISSA & IMPA Codes. 符合 IMO ISSA 和 IMPA 规范的甲板和发动机船备件、客舱商店。

** Life Rafts, Safety Equipment Supply and Services with Class Certifications.具有等级认证的救生筏、安全设备供应和服务。

** LNG Gas Bottle Refilling. LNG 气瓶加气。

** All Ship Repair Works with Qualified Engineers and Certified Technicians.所有船舶维修工作均由合格的工程师和认证技术人员进行。

** Spare Parts Supplies. 备件供应。

** Spare Parts Transit Custom Clearance, Delivery On Board. 备件过境清关,船上交货。

** Cabin Stores - Ship Services. 客舱商店 - 船舶服务。

** Underwater Hull Cleaning Works - Inspections & Cleaning. 水下船体清洁工程 - 检查和清洁。

** Chipping And Painting. 切削和绘画。

** Laundry #SPA #Beautician Services. 洗衣#SPA #Beautician 服务。

** Garbage & Sludge Disposal Services. (垃圾和污泥处理服务)。

** Navigation Books, B.A. A.S. Chart, Marine Departmental Items. 导航书籍,文学士作为。图表,海事部门项目。

** Fire Extinguishers BA compressor - Annual Inspection. 备件供应。

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