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Dear Sir/Madam

This is Eli from KGP Group (as an international freight forwarder) in Iran. I want to introduce our services.

IRAN is a good Transit route to CIS and we can provide you full range of services via Iran.
Transit is our main scope of work via Iran to: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Iraq .
we are also experienced in project shipment (such as pipe shipment and cotton shipment) which you can check this in our website.

In addition to these services we are also active in other fields such as:
Ocean freight, Air freight, Rail freight, Inland trucking, Customs clearance, Warehousing, and so on.

Looking forward to a mutual cooperation.

Best Regards,

Sales and Marketing

Tel (direct line): 0098-51-37679420
Fax: 0098-51-37656760 & 0098-51-37656780
Whats App : 0098- 9150089420
Skype: kgp.elahe

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