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Crewing Agency «Master Crewing» SHIPPING COMPANY
St. Petersburg,
9 Alexander Nevsky St., office 127

Dear Sirs,
Our company «Master Crewing» is engaged in the recruitment of officers and ratings for seagoing and river vessels, cargo and passenger ships, ferries, technical support fleet and supply vessels.
In addition, we select personnel for senior positions and ensure the hiring of coastal personnel.
In terms of staff selection, testing and outsourcing, we have a long and successful experience.
Our company is a member of the group of companies involved in the organization of personnel support of various types of activities cooperates and has offices in East and Central Asia, and the CIS countries.
Our training managers have tremendous experience working at sea in various specialties and areas. Training testing, psychological compatibility testing, validation of candidates' summaries and authenticity of documents are carrying out.
Testing of personal are perform with the participation of professional consultants, using specialized software. The set of tests is select depending on the position claimed by the applicant. Testing can be carry out through personal contact in the office or in a remote format, using the means of modern communications.
In addition to the above, we resolve visa issues, preparation of documents and delivery a personnel to the place of work.
Our company select the candidates in accordance with the requirements established by you and for the tasks formulated by you.
In the light of the above we are expect offer for long-term and fruitful cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Director general Konstantin Golubev

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