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Hi there, I want to enquire about bringing stuff from Tonga to Sydney, Australia please...


How do I register with you because I have some cargo to send to Africa. Grateful if you shared your contact numbers.

Malo e lelei, I want to enquire about bringing stuff from Tonga to Noumea, New Caledonia please...

Enquiring if you cargo goods from Tonga to Melbourne
If so, what is the process

I would like to know if the parcel from NZ already in Tonga.Malo

Malo e lelei

Kataki,how and when will I receive my parcels tracking number? Malo.

Malo e lelei,

Kataki, I’m enquiring what will be the process if someone wants to send me a parcel from Newcastle, Australia to Tonga.

Hi there I’m wondering if you know the total amount of sending a laptop from Fiji to Tonga?

Fakamolemole pe oku lava o send atu ha parcel mei Siamane ki Tonga,kou fiu au he feinga ke send atu talamai he DHL ia I heni oku ikai lava send atu ha parcel ia ki Tonga. Pea fetuutaki hoku tokoua i Tonga ki he DHL tonga talamai ia oku lava alu au ia ki he DHL i Siamane heni talamai e nautolu ikai lava. Pe oku iai nai hamou founga ke lava o send atu ai mei Siamane ki Tonga kataki?

Kataki ko eku kii parcel nae send atu Courier pea nae osi totongi kotoa e fakmole i NZ ni pea ko e ave ki Haapai. Kuo talamai e toko taha oku ave ki ai oku toe fiemau e fee ke totongi. Oku pehe pe homou service amoutolu? Ko e anga maheni haate totongi ha courier ko e totongi kotoa i heni ko enau tiliva hangatonu ki he address oku ave ki ai. Kataki kii tali mai e fehui he oku ou lolotonga fakaekeeke ki he main ofiice i NZ ni.

Dear Sir/madam

I just need your assistant in tracing my parcel of a key that we do really need for the installation of our x-ray machine that was being send from the company in Australia around mid December last year.

The track number is :2924955051

Please I'll await your feedback regarding this urgent matter.

Kind Regards
Lei Aloha Makaafi
Vaiola Hospital

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