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Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that l have a clients in hungary whom l will
like you to go and carry good to me on freight collection and payment
will be made here in Lome Togo so l want know the price from hungary
to Lome togo seaport.

The address of the warehouse and the seaport as as follows.warehoue
Mansfield pete utca Budapest 1211 and seaport is Koper SLOVENIA.ATTN
Mr Emmanuele Monteriso + 36705572462.
I will like you to check this supplier very well to know if he is upto
as a business man before you go with your container to the loading
site.Check the freight charge from hungary to our country lome togo
before to enable me advise you what next to do.

We have to know what he is upto before any transaction will take place
with him.Please l want you to call me on phone after your resarch or
findings.Possibly you have to go to his warehouse and make some
inquiries from him,you know what to do as a professional .Make yout
findings on monday and call me at the same time.

Best regards,
John Udo Nnanna
Tel + 228 99549458/90072078

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