Albinoni Shipping Co Ltd

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Dear Sir
We are a sludge removal company with experience in the field. We have a skilled and committed workforce.

We are ready to serve your agency, always offering a smart and committed service for efficient work.

We have all the environmental and governmental documentation to perform with experience and professionalism the removal of sludge from the ships of your agency.

We have an agreement with the company Intermarine, removing the garbage from the ship without costs 15 tons of sludge, the trash removal will be free.

We can contribute positively to your agency, with services performed according to the norms required by the Organized Port of Santos,Paranagua,Sao Francisco do Sul and Itajai.

We seek to establish a transparent relationship with our customers, offering support through business hours from Monday to Friday and emergency service at weekends and holidays, through the contact telephones: 55-41991783582/5513997164497

We are available to answer any questions and we look forward to hearing from you!


Jair Ribeiro da Conceição

Tel: 13996160399

Office: 1332191172


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