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Please count us delivery on two routes to SVO1, SVO2, DME (three options):

1. Manila departure airport (air freight only), FCA delivery terms

34 boxes with a size of 0.37 m (L) X 0.33 m (W) X 0.31 m (H)

GW is 207.4 KG (6.1 KG per carton, 1.33 m3)

Volume weight is 222 kg, freight - the printer for stickers BROTHER

2. Airport of departure Hong Kong (only air freight), terms of delivery FCA

14 boxes with a size of 0.46 m (L) X 0.37 m (W) X 0.36 m (H)
GW is 142.8 KG, Volume 0,858 m3, Volume weight 143.29 kg, load - printer for BROTHER stickers

When you will answer please set the copy to my collegue

Best Regards,
Shershnev Dmitry
+7 967 052 8765
+7 499 288 2268 ext. 101

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