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Dear Sr.(s) - To whom it may concerns - Technical Dept.
Good morning from Brazil,

My name is Júlio and I represent Nautilus, a Brazilian Sub aquatic Solutions Company.
Please, follow below our services and prices for Underwater Cleaning:

 Inspection With Photo and Filming
USD 1.500 (02 Hours duration)

 Hull Cleaning + Inspection + Vertical Sides Cleaning + Propeller Polishing + Sea Chest Cleaning
USD 10.500 (30 hours duration in 3 days – 10 hours per day)

 Propeller Polishing
USD 4.000 (06 Hours duration)

 Inspection + Propeller Polishing + Sea Chest Cleaning
USD 4.700 (06 Hours duration)

 Vertical Sides Cleaning
USD 7.500 (2 days – 07 hours per day)

 Hull Cleaning + Inspection with Photo and Filming
USD 9.500 (24 Hours duration in 3 days – 08 hours per day)

- Note: Additional fee must be charged in the case of service will be performed far from the Port of Santos

We are specialized in Professional Diving for ship hull cleaning, rudder, sea chest, propeller polishing, photo and filming, inspection, simplex measurement and underwater welding.

We aim to present efficient solutions in maintenance, repairs and submersed inspections throughout all ports of Brazil with qualified professionals, joining experience and technical knowledge and meeting the expectations of quality and safety.

Any doubt, please contact us.

Nautilus Subaquatic Solutions Ltda-Me
Office: 55 13 3371 4114
Mobile: 55 13 98813 1103

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