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Customer Services,
Would you kindly provide a quotation for transportation of 5 x 40’ containers and 1 x 20’ container from Beira to Free Town in Sierra Leone.

The following is the commodity:

1..4 Nos. P&M Backhoe Loader JCB 3DX 2012
2..1 No. Tractor Mahindra 8000DI 80HP 2012 – KA8878 and 3 Nos. Trailer for Tractor 2-wheel drive Surya
3..1 No. P&M Tensioner TESMEC 2.5 TFRS 304 8001 and 1 No. P&M Puller TESMEC 2.5T ARS
403 5999 and1 No. P&M Tensioner ZECK 2.5TB1500/2.5E136437 and P&M Puller ZECK
4..1 NO. P&M Puller and Tensioner ZECK 8T SPW 8 / B1500/8

The above will be loaded in 5 No. 40’ Containers while 1 tractor will be loaded in
1 No. 20’ container.

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