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Schaller Automation is the world’s technology and market leader of the most reliable Oil Mist Detection systems, designed to protect personnel operating engines at sea, as well as in power plants, and to protect your investments against severe damage and crankcase explosions.

Schaller Automation maintains the Regional HQ for Asia Pacific in Singapore with its own workshop facilities and HQ trained and educated engineers ready anytime to perform services and maintenance as required.

Furthermore, with a close network of agents in India , Indonesia and the Philippines, and our own branches in China and Korea, we cover the entire Asia Pacific area, strategically located to service our clients.

An accident on board any vessel at sea can be catastrophic but explosions and fire must surely rank high up in the incidents most feared by seamen. Schaller Oil Mist Detectors have been protecting sailors and engines worldwide against crankcase explosions for over 50 years, with more than 54,000 units sold.

We ask for the opportunity to give a brief presentation to you on the benefits a Schaller Oil Mist Detector can bring to your customers or your own vessels in terms of safety and savings on repair costs. If you already have customers using our Oil Mist Detectors, a meeting would allow us to learn more about your customers’ needs so as to provide customer service that you and your customer’s desire.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Clifford Handover
Sales Manager

URL: +65 6643 5152
+65 9828 6201
+65 6643 5150

Schaller Automation Pte Ltd
114 Lavender Street #09-93 CT Hub 2 | Singapore 338729 | Singapore

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