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Good day
On the 16th of September 2011 we expoted an electric machine for repairs into South Africa .When the truct got to the BeitBridge Manica post we were then asked to pay an amount of R7000,00 which was to be the security deposit until the motor returs .The electric motor was then returne back to Zimbabwe in December 2011.Upon asking for the deposit we were then informed to payR200,00 for us to get our R7000,00 back we did asked them to give us the R5000,00 then they can take their R2000,00 was we were informed they couldnt do such we need to pay the R2000,00 first.So since then we have heard from the manica people to what what happened to our R7000,00,i have tried to persue this matter but to no avail.The consignment was for Perwez Contractors adnd the electric motor was to repaired in Delbar Electrical South Africa.i am appealing to the powers that be to help me in recovering this amount of money

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