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Easy Track Solutions Limited has years of experience in the field of GPS & GPRS tracking providing a variety of services and tailor made solutions ranging from Cargo Tracking, Fleet Management services, Personal and Corporate Tracking, Software development and IT security services. Our system is backed by technicians and engineers with the ability to customize, expand and successfully deploy it to virtually any application.

I would like to introduce our Four major company products pertaining to GPS tracking there of which might be of interest to you.

As one of the Dar es salaam port and TRA procedure that for all transit goods to be tagged with special seals for tracking the cargo movement ,we Easy Track Solutions are one of the authorized vendors by TRA. We understand the burden of carrying load of cash around the port and we Easy Track Solution are bridging this burden where there will be no cash carrying anymore rather a billing procedure which can be negotiated by parties.

2:FLEET MANGEMENT-Automatic Vehicle Locator(AVL) also known as vehicle/bike tracker

(a) What you will achieve with our AVL:
• Real time tracking
• Speed monitoring and speed limit settings for the vehicle
• Vehicle Maintenance notifications
• Restricted zones management
• Main Power alert/Disconnect/Low battery of the truck
• Idling alert-if vehicle is ignition on but not moving
• Mileage information
• Remote controlling of vehicle(Engine shut down/on)
• Geofencing /Points of Interests(zone management)
• Scheduled reports via Email
• Trip Replay
• Tampering alerts of the AVL
• Fuel Estimates calculated from Cumulative mileage and Total time for a trip

(b) Price per AVL-The service can be offered into two options. A client can chose either of the two

• Leasing option which is paid in advance on a yearly lease agreement ( The AVL remains EASY TRACK SOLUTIONS’s property )
• Outright purchase (The AVL becomes client’s asset and can be reused any time as per need).

Your monthly service fee with the Easy Track Solutions system includes:
• System Upgrades
• Data plan for transmitting position information to server
• Accurate map data hosting
• Server cloud hosting for responsive interface and high uptime
• Email support
• Minor Alert/Report adjustment/configuration

Monthly service fees do not include:
• On site callouts
• Additional training sessions
• Addition of customer points of interest

3.THE WATCH LOCK-This is a reporting padlock that can be tagged on the container, warehouse/Godowns, server rooms, delivery truck, shops and any other valuable asset.

(a) What you will achieve with our WATCHLOCK:
• Real time tracking
• door lock and unlocked alerts
• Zone management
• History reports on the container movement
• Scheduled reports
• Impact signals of the lock if someone is trying to tamper with the watchlock.

4.LIGHT SENSOR-This is an advanced technological device that uses light to detect any breach to the container. It is installed inside the container and will report instantly on opening, closing of the container by use of high sensitive sensor. The device has many other distinguishing features like container temperature, humidity level notifications for the purpose of keeping the quality assurance for the Cargo.

I will be available for demonstrations and presentation of our products at your earliest convenience.

Shall be there any questions, suggestion please feel free to contact me through email and my undersigned mobile number

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Kind regards;

Acraby A. Mushi||Sales Executive
M:+255 654 996333/ 782 022843

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