Regie voor Maritiem Transport

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Hello, I offer you a solution that allows you to increase the speed of the operated ship by 4,4196 ± 0,598%. The solution does not involve coating the surface of the skin, durable, does not require energy consumption, does not create noise, vibration. The solution does not involve radiation. Once put and forgot, the service life is longer than that of the ship. For a ship 125 ft long, the cost of equipment will be $50,000. Transfer $10,000 to the account DMITRII RADOMSKII 5521 7526 7977 9087 and I will send you the solution by e-mail.

The reason for us reaching out to you is to submit our value proposition since you are one of the most reputable freight shipping companies globally.

As an agency, we have got really competitive prices with regards to our world class bunkering services globally. We simply aim to provide stellar bunkering services to your vessels. We have grounded conviction that we shall deliver more than is expected of us. Our Business Proposal is attached to the mail for further information on how we conduct our business.
Kindly do revert to us as soon as possible, on your suggestions on how we can transact business smoothly.

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