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Centralized Ticketing System Business Proposal.

Good Day!

This is Keith from easybook.com and we are looking forward for future partnership with WG & A Philippines Inc, by introducing our service that will benefit you. Easybook is the largest online ticketing service in Land and Sea transportation across South East Asia and expanding our Business in the Philippines by providing a great service assistance offer to transportation companies who would like to maximize their profit all over the world. We would like to hear from you the soonest so we could discuss further about the business proposal.


PLS GET IN TOUCH @ 09772824312

Dear Sir,

Good day to you.

We are very pleased to introduce to you VT Global Marine Engineering Co Ltd with its headquarters in China and a partner of VT Global Marine Engineering Pte Ltd based in Singapore which is serving the offshore and marine industry.

Being one among the top suppliers and service provider for the marine market , Our customers from all over of world, like Singapore, China, Europe, UAE, India the Philippines
and Taiwan

As always with all our valued customers, we will endeavour to provide you the best quality, pricing and delivery for our extended service scope and product lines we offer.

Listed below is our new extended portfolio of offerings to better serve your requirements:

I. Service in Singapore
• Annual survey and inspection: Radio/VDR,fire extinguisher and LSA, Lifeboat and davit, elevator.
• Service: Stern tube seal bonding, underwater inspection and cleaning, Automation trouble shooting
• Hydraulic work overhaul and repair

II. Owner Representative / Superintendency Service
• Ship repair with our docking Shipowner Representative, Site Supervision Monitoring in all China shipyard
• Project Manager for Newbuilding and conversion projects on behalf of shipowners

III. Dry docking stores and Installation Service in China
• Stern tube seal renewal
• Hatch cover inspection, repairing & UT test

IV. General spares for TTS ,Macgregor, Nakata Tsuneishi Hatch Cover
• Resting Pad
• Resting Stopper
• Flat/Sponge/Solid rubber
• Hydraulic Cylinder/Hose/Motor/ Pump
• High Polymer/Lubri/Flexible pad & Holder
• Control valve/balance Valve/directional valve/Ball valve

V. IHM Inspection & Asbestos Removal

VI. Pump, Motor & Valve
• Zhenhua pump
• Guangning pump
• Tianjin Pump-under license from Taiko Kikai
• ebei Hengsheng pump
• Shunda Pump
• Huanggong Pump
• Tiantai Shan Pump
• Yancheng Ocean Pump
• Wuhu Yangtze Pump
• Bayi Universal Pump
• Qidong Pump
• Dalian Valve
• Hoyer Motor
• ABB Motor
• Dezhou Hengli Motor
• Nippon(JP)
• Desmi
• Allweiler

VII. Air compressor
• Gardener Denver and Aircomp - JP Sauer & Sohn - Sperry - Nanjing
• Haiguang (Tanabe)

VIII. Environment protection:
• Fresh water generator, oil water separator, sewage treatment plant, incinerator,
hydrophore system, UV water sterilizer
• Chongqing Taiko Kangda
• Jiangsu Nanji
• Hansun
• Nanjing Lu Zhou
• Boss
• Alfa laval
• Harmworthy
• IL Seung
• Teamtec

IX. BWTS - Sunrui and Headway
• Reagent Kit-Total chlorine (ex-proof) (CLX-XT, CLX-EX) no 09991
• Total Residual Oxident Reagent Ki ffor TRO meter No. 09992
• Flush Kit Catalogue no 2509
• Tubing-Cuvette Kit no: 09950EX
• Sodium Metabisulphite (25 khgper bag)

X. Deck machinery:
• Anchor windlass, mooring winch, crane
• Jiangsu Haitai
• Southern China Marine Machinery (SCM)
• Jiangsu Huaiyin
• Ningbo Kairong
• Jung-A marine

XI. Accommodation system:
• Paneling, floor, toilet unit, furniture, galley and laundry equipment
• Kangli
• Arox
• Speed Queen
• Electrolux
• Ningbo Hotelstar
• Anqing Anli
• Shanghai Dizhou
• Hansbo

XII. Lighting fixture: LED navigation/common light,power cables,cable gland,terminals
• Aqua
• Haixing
• Shanghai Hule
• Anhui Sunny
• Shengan

XIII. Lifesaving appliances: lifeboat, davit, life-raft, lifesaving accessories, firefighting equipment
• Qingdao Beihai
• Jiangyin jiaoyan
• Norsafe
• Vanguard
• Jiangyin Beihai
• Neptune
• Zhejiang Hengxin
• iangyin Wolong
• Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery

XIV Diesel engine genuine and oem spare parts
• Diesel engine genuine & OEM spare parts
• Chongqing Cummins
• Yanmar Zibo
• Weichai
• Volvo Panda
• Anqing Daihatsu
• Henan Diesel

XV. Electrical items
• Danfoss
• Omron
• Deif
• Siemens
• Schneider
• Honeywell
• Merin Gerin

XVI. Fire Alarm detector system
• Consilium
• Salwico
• Apollo
• Tyco
• Seaplus
• GST(haiwan)
• Xi'an System Sensor
• IMCOS (Gitiesse)
• Jiaxing Kexun
• Jiaxing Jingkai Fucheng
• Hua Yan

We would be very honoured if you could spare a few minutes from your busy schedule for a meeting during this week in Manila, wherein we could introduce our products and services

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