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Please send me a quotation for 2 containers to be delivered to the North , outapi . Quote to include transport

Dear Sir/Madam

Good day to you.

I’m from Singapore company that specialize on ferrous and non-ferrous recycle.

Because we have serval container, we want to sell them.

And we also start new business on Namibia, so we want to send the necessary items here and we can sell contain as well.

If you interest, please contact with me or we could be a guide to bring to our farm then you could make sure everything is fine.

Thank you.

Good day

I am looking for a second hand container please. Would you be so kind as to send me a quotation or price list of what you have available?

As well as cost INCLUDED delivery to Namibia.

Thank you

hi i would like to buy a container.please be so kind and send me a quotation.thanks am in windhoek thank jackie
thanks in advance

Good day

Please kindly advise on the price of the container with the following descriptions.

Quantity: 1
Description: Pre-owned steel GP Container 6m ( 20ft)
GP ( General Purpose) Shipping Container suitable in wind <(>&<)> water tight condition.
External dimensions: L 6.058m * W 2.438m * H 2.591m

Please send me the quotation and i want it delivered to Rundu. Inclute the transportation costs as well.

Thank you

I want to know if you convert containers into office space as well and what the cost will be to convert a 6 meter container into an office?

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