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Dear Germa Shipping Company,

Good day, sir and ma’am.
deugro is now preparing for the upcoming PJT in Libya, and we would like to know about your company.
I’ve tried to collect your company information but I am afraid that your web page is no longer valid.

Could you please send us your company brochure so that we can get more information on your company?
I believe that Germa Shipping operates the B.Bulk vessels, and we would like to know more detail information on your chartering service.

We will look forward to your prompt reply.

Thank you & Best Regards
Due to current situation of COVID-19 outbreak, carriers and transport providers throughout the supply chain are cancelling and rescheduling services, schedules are continually being adjusted, and space capacity issues are arising. This instability may affect rates, operations, schedules and access to services globally. deugro is unable to guarantee freight levels and service schedules at this time. Please be advised that companies across the globe are subject to an increased risk of payment fraud. Please note that deugro will not be requesting a change in bank accounts. If there is an unexpected request to change bank accounts, please contact your deugro representative directly via telephone for confirmation.
DM(Dong-Myung) Kim
Project Manager
Project Sales Team 1

Phone: +82 (0) 2 3789 8419
Fax : +82 (2) 3789 4700
Mobile:+82 (0)10 8831 2873

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