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I am talking in behalf of a sludge removal company, Eccolub, from Santos Porto, Brazil
We are a company that transport, collect, recycle, buy and sell industrial waste derived from oil and combustible fuel oils, waste from gas stations, naval, industrial and commercial sectors, that is specialized in sludge removal since 2004.
With all the certifications (Marpol sludge certificate is supplied according with the MARPOL 73/78 OIL POL 57/69/73 CONVENTION (ALL SHIPS), and authorizations needed, own vehicle fleet and two operational bases.
We think that sustainability is the key of the future and we use it in every aspect of the company.
Sludge removal is one of the bests ways to reduce the impact on the nature as well as a form of social and economical contribution with our society.
Angelica C. Ramirez
+55 11 93341-5106
+55 11 4061-7565
Eccolub Transporte e Locação
Rua José Clemente Pereira, 100
Diadema, São Paulo.

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