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Dear Sirs and Madams,

The reason to look for a contact to you is already started regualation of U.S Coast Guard for BWT.
Few weeks ago we received a list of vessels/ship owners with expiring extension letter issued by USCG.
We saw that your good company is parts of the above mentioned list and we concidered that we may assist you.
In respect of that, please let me introduce to you our company and what we can offer for BWTS retrofit.

IHB ShipDesign is a company based in Varna, Bulgaria specialized in design services in retrofit of BWTS. We can offer to the owners and managers survey of their ships, consultancy services regarding the most appropriate type of BWTS and all subsequent necessary actions. We may take care for all the design studies from beginning to the end of implementation of any equipment into existing vessels.

Our activities cover as follows:
- Feasibility Study and consultancy services
- 3D Scanning
- Pre-Engineering
- Technical/Class Design Stage
- Detailed Design
- Workshop Documentation
- Supervision during installation.

All additional documents as a references, company brochures, self-evaluation documents are available under request.

Kind regards,

IHB ShipDesign AD
mobile: +359 888792490
E-mail: office@ihbshipdesign.com

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