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I have a shipment from India that was fully paid for in India to have it shipped all way to Aqaba Amman. When the shipment was received in Aqaba, Cnan Logistics sent me a bill with exaggerated amounts and claimed that this was due to unpaid charges abroad. I asked them to provide proof for the same and all what they did is send me an invoice from their end, without any support for the claim raised from their agent abroad. Note my agent in India stated by email that all charges were paid, and still they said they need confirmation from their agent in UAE. I here highlight that they kept my shipment hostage and asked to pay to release it, though the charges they added are extremely unreasonable, as confirmed to me via my contacts in other agencies in Amman. Word of advice, try to avoid dealing with this company, as they cannot be trusted at all, and now my shipment is delayed due to their greed and invalid charges. Worst experience in my life ever!

Update - on Unreasonable charges and fictitious claims

After spending Four days following up on this matter, turned out issues were interlinked between agents involved. Cnan Logistics team, led by Ms. Dana, were helpful to resolve this matter and work on fixing the problem, which was expedited when I got a copy of the requested claim or proof that I was asked to pay on a CIF shipment. This helped me in getting the additional charges waived from agent abroad that were passed by to Cnan. One thing I noted from this exchange is that they kept calm and tried to resolve the matter diligently. The additional charges they claimed were from an agent outside Jordan and resulted in them having the shipment held. Perhaps the system can be modified by having CIF shipments released regardless of claims in future, as by definition of term it means shipment charges are prepaid.

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