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Dear Sirs,
Please advise email address of your chartering department to offer you our cargo

Lemar(Leopolis Marine Ltd)
Ph: +380 67 1330073
mob.38050 508-23-38 Viber
Skype: Lemar08


UNISEA is the prompt supplier and organizer of all necessary services for your vessels. We operate at Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny ports with positive references from Captains and Owners and we are always ready to cooperation.

All our products are under control by the Veterinary, Sanitary and Epidemiological Administration of Ukraine with confirmed by Certificate. We supply only the highest quality products and control their shelf life in accordance with ISO 9001.

We can offer such services as:

1. Fresh and Dry Provision
2. Bonded Stores
3. Bunkering of fresh water and gas oil
4. Marine oils and Chemicals
5. Recharging Oxygen and Acetylene
6. IMO symbols, charts and publication.
7. Performance of inspection and service of Fi-Fi and safety equipment’s (certified by VIKING)
8. Cleaning the holds and tanks, by authorized personnel
9. Transportation and excursions of crewmembers etc.
10. UNISEA is official distributor of phone cards, which we can propose to you with suitable prices.

Please note that UNISEA is the only Company in the south of Ukraine, which, at the signing of the contract provides a credit line for 35 days onwards.

For permanent clients we have special program of discounts. If the order will be more than 1000 USD, we can offer discount 10% for cash payment for Masters.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us:
Office tel. +380487879023
Mobil tel. +380937225885

We are hoping for our further cooperation!
With best regards
Unisea Team

Dear Sir,
We are marine supply and ship chandelling company and we would like to forward our company profile for your information and kind consideration.

Minar Enterprises is a third generation Marine supply & Ship chandelling company , active in Indian ports since 1930’s. Our Overseas operation started in UAE by 2010, and we currently have presence in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & India. Our main operation focus on Offshore, Oil & Gas vessels/Clients.

We supply Products from IMPA/ISSA Catalogue and all ship chandlery lines, available at competitive prices with best lead times. We always strive to provide quick turnaround and communication on quotes, orders and other service requests.
Attached brochure, and for more details please surf our website,

We look forward to associate with your esteemed company in meeting your shipping requirements. May we request you to send your enquiries to for submitting our quotations.

Best Regards,

Thomas Charley
Minar Enterprises LLC
Sharjah, UAE
Tel: +97155 153 4267

Dear Sirs,
Please advise email address of your Ship Management Co. I wish to offer you our services particularly the supply of highly qualified and reliable Officers and Crew of the vessel.
Allow me first to introduce myself. I am Capt. Rolando dela Pena. Presently employed as Consultant/Port Captain of Asia Bulk Transport Phils. Inc. a duly certified Manning/Crewing Agent in Manila, Philippines.
I am an Ex-Master of your good vessels namely:
MV Basic Spirit
MV Queen Lily
MV Cape Grace

I am the very first Filipino Master to command your vessel and I was very thankful of such great privilege.
That during delivery of MV Queen Lily from ship building, I personally met the President Mr. Genji Okouchi. My sincere gratitude to your former SI, Mr. Saturo Sasahara for his great assistance which I can never forget.
Asia Bulk Transport Phils. Inc. would like to offer services of supplying highly qualified and reliable officers and crew if ever given a chance by your good company.
We will send you our Company Profile and Business Proposal once we receive response from you.

Very respectfully yours,
Capt. Rolando N. dela Pena
Port Captain/Consultant
Asia Bulk Transport Phils. Inc.

Fm: Brothers Maritime Services Co, Egypt
K/Attn.: Purchase, Technical, Management / Supply / Operation Dept.
Ref: Procurement and Supply Chain

Dear Sir(S) / Madam.

Good Day,

We would like to establish a solid relationship with your companies
to maximize mutual benefits, we are Egyptian Port/Customs approved
leading Ship Supplier in all Egypt Ports, for all/any type of vessels
taking into account competitive, reasonable, and cost-effective budget
to be Smooth Service


We would like to offer you our services.
Provision & Bond Store, Deck , Engine , Cabin Stores, ETC.. ( ISSA & IMPA )
Navigation Books, B.A./A.S Chart & Marine Departmental items
Life rafts & Safety Equipment supply and Services with class certification
Anchor & Chains Cable with class certification
Gas bottle refilling, Chipping And Painting, Laundry Services
Ship Repair All repair works with qualified certified technicians
Spare Parts parcels custom clearance & delivery on board
Underwater works (Inspection, Repair & Cleaning)
Garbage & Waste oil disposal services and Watchman Services


Why Choose Us?
Cost Effective.
Professional & Reliable Service.
Available 24 Hrs.
One Point Contact.
Reliable One Stop Marine Service.


At all times. Look forward to your favorable response.

Should you require any further information, Please contact.

With My Sincere Thanks And Respect
Yours faithfully.
Brothers Maritime Services Co, Egypt
Capt. A.Ayman
Mob: +2 012 80 730689
Fax/Tel: +2 062 3503174

Think about the environment before you print!

Dear Sirs,
We would like to offer ship agency and forwarding services in the
ports of Murmansk and Kandalaksha, Russia.
Our long-term good relationship with Port Authorities, tugs, supplying and bunkering companies and our professional stuff enable us to guarantee proper arrangement of all regular handling operations in the port as well as prompt execution of any additional orders which may arise during a call.
We monitor the implementation of all required orders, timely inform all concerned parties regarding the vessel’s processing and time of vessel’s readiness for voyage.

The complex of basic agency services includes, but does not exhaust:

-ship's declaration to the Port Authorities;
-adjustment of all necessary customs, quarantine and immigration formalities;
-assistance in cargo handling operations as to decrease ship's demurrage;
-permanent accurate information regarding vessels staying/prospects for all parties concerned;
-assistance in technical supply, any repair services if required;
-supervising third parties’ bills, regular update on current disbursements;
-getting permission for sailing through North Sea Route;
-ice-pilots arrangement;
-arranging ice-breaker assistance for vessels’ sailing through North Sea Route;
-providing with tally, survey, crew change;
-providing with shipping brokerage (to fix required tonnage);
-providing with bunkering supply;
-North Russia multimodal transshipments – delivery cargoes
from Europe to North Russia and back;
-prompt and highly experienced assistance in emergency situations.
-providing with shipchandler service;
-providing with hotel booking, catering service, air/railway tickets;
-providing with alcotest/medical examination of the crew at the request of the Customer/Shipowner;
-providing with therapy service of the crew members;
-organization of passenger transport services for the delivery of crew members from the airport - hotel / vessel and back;
- organization of cargo storage;
- organization of waste disposal and utilization;
- organization of other services at the Customers' requests.

Please find our contacts:
“M-trans” LLC
Office 307, 25 Kapitana Tarana passage, Murmansk 183025, Russia
Tel. +7 (8152) 488428, Fax +7 (8152) 488429
General Director Vadim Afimin
Mobile tel.: +7 921 165 00 51
Direct tel: + 7 (8152) 488-430
Office tel: + 7 (8152) 488-428
Office fax: + 7 (8152) 488-429

we need Doun Kisen Co Ltd Website

Who are we?

Our Company offering to ship interests the best quality-price to carry out precautionary surveys (unsealing/sealing survey, draft survey, ullage survey, discharge monitoring survey, tally survey, pre-loading survey, off-on hire bunker and condition of holds).

With our considerable experience and professional skills as P&I Club and underwriters cargo surveyors, we are both efficient and cost effective to deal with any assignment be it a major or minor casualty (cargo damage, pollution, fire, live stock, heavy lift).

Our Services


Pre-shipment cargo survey

Monitoring loading and discharging of cargoes.

Stowage lashing and securing inspections.

Cargo damage and quality control.

Fruit and perishables.

Deep frozen and refrigerated cargoes

Dry bulk and bagged cargoes

Steel and timber

Live stock survey transport and quarantine


Draft survey

On/off Hire surveys bunker and condition.

Condition of holds surveys for bulk carrier, containers ship and tanker (no hazardous cargo).

Sealing and unsealing of holds accesses.

Risk Prevention

Warehouses/terminal inspection

Heavy lifts

Fire precaution and investigation.

Our Contact


Noureddine IGHIRI GMSCO Manager
Tel :+212 (0) 5 22 30 80 20,

Mobile : +212 (0) 6 61 32 42 62,

Email :

Aziz MABROUKI Cargo Surveyor: +212 (0) 6 00 06 54 81

Email :

Dear Sir/Mam,
Greetings from Atlantic Marine Service, who has emerged as a general ship chandler & repair company at Chittagong port and established themselves as on the leading supply & service company to this era. We believe I quality service, sustainable management & competitive price.

o Spare Parts for Main & Auxiliary Engine, Turbo Charger, Motors and Radar.
o Deck/Engine/Electrical Store, Safety, Provisions, Cabin, Salon, Bond & Medicines Stores.
o Ship Main & Auxiliary engine, air-conditioning system and refrigerators over-hauling and repair.
o Electric motor rewinding, Pumps & compressor over-hauling and repair.
o Cranes, Grabs, Hydraulics Repair & Servicing.
o Boilers & heat exchangers Repair & Maintenance.
o Anchor, Chain, Grab, Mooring & Wear Rope with class approval certificate.
o Marine Paints, MGO, F.O. & Lube Oil Supply.
o Gyro Compass, Auto Pilot, Navigational Apparatus-Radar-VHF-Radio, Transmitter, Echo Sounding-Computer Supply & Repair.
o Chipping & Painting, Under Water Hull, Propeller Cleaning, Pipelines, Steel Work & Accommodation Servicing, Repairing & Fabrications.
o Life Raft, Safety equipment servicing & annual re-certification by various classification societies.
o Custom Clearance of Spare Parts.

- 30 % days credit
- 36 HRS delivery upon purchase order
- No cure no basis repair job
- Goods are returnable until further satisfaction.

We want to be your long-term partner; you can rely on us as one of your branding partners in Bangladesh port where we are ensuring safe trade preferences.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

I am Chief Engineer Mikhail Kacharava with extensive experience on tankers (Aframax) with the Sulzer RTA 58T main engine. During my work on these engines, I successfully addressed issues with cylinder liners wear (scuffing). If my expertise could benefit your company, I am ready to work as a chief engineer.

Best regards,
Mikhail Kacharava
Mobile phone: +995571782800

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