Stavros Roussos Management & Chartering SA

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For Shipchandlers & General Merchant.
Port Of Aden
P.O.Box.1471 Aden-Tawahi . T.R. No. 6558
FAX:00967-2-202384 TEL:00967-2-201213 / 200226
MOBIL:730287823 / 737192972

Dear all: Sir/Madam.

We are suppliers (by Ship serv) at aden port,for that's we would like to advise your side that's if you need any things to supply your's we are at your services cash or credit to owner.
We are proud of introducing ourselves as a leading ship supplying company working in Aden then only company:dealing with ships owners.about payment we can supply any vessel from your side credit two month(60days) to your account.
We would be grateful if you give us the opportunity to try the services that we provide and we are sure that you will be pleased with our services such as provision & bond stores,fresh water,technical , electrical , (engine / deck store)
*Sludge waste oil and garbage removal main or repairs welding
*Refilling of gas: oxygen / acetylene which can also be arranged on exchange bassis (Unitor cylinder or marine) & Freon 22/21 disposal cyls.
*Lubricant oil and gassed of all grade and marks.
*Marine chemicals.
*Spare parts cleaning and forwarding.
*Admiralty charts and marine publications can be provide in addition to other not listed above and subject to availability at time of request we assure you that the services mentioned above are provided professionally
We look forward to serving your's.
Your faithfully With regards

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