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Hello we are electric repair shop in Vancouver Canada BC.

Our customer has a winch motor which has a bad rotor.

Can you provide price and delivery for 1 complete rotor assembly.

I want to buy pushbuttons.thank u.

Hi Team,
This is Li from COSL SEEKER, we use your jacking motors from your company, the information of the motors as per below, looking forward to get your feedback, thank you.
COSL SEEKER jacking motor information as below:
4 100 1023 – Right side motor
4 100 1022 – Left side motor

440V 60Hz 138Kw 1750Rpm 230A 440V 60Hz 27.6Kw 3570Rpm 67A Rotor 240A Rotor357V Type; MB2/425 IP;56

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