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l 各类主辅发动机机维修
l 各类液压系统维修
l 起重机液压/机械/电气维修和负载测试检测
l 空调系统/制冷/空压机维修。
l 电气维修和重绕电动机。
l 锚、舵、螺旋桨和水下船体的装配
l 管道、侧壳、甲板、舱口、油箱、机舱等的钢材更新和装配。
l 水下船体和螺旋桨清洁工作。
l 为船舶修理、清洁和喷漆工作提供熟练且经过认证的工人。

■ 提供甲板、发动机、电器、办公用具、医药、安全设备的补给。
■ 提供各类生活用品、食品的补给。
■ 供应润滑油/液压油/燃油。
■ 供应船用化学品、油漆材料。
■ 供应氟利昂/乙炔/氧气/二氧化氮等和钢瓶加气工作。
■ 供应海图、航海书籍。


孟加拉手机号 : 008801314667542(WeChat)
孟加拉座机号 : 008802-333310276
国内联系人手机号 : 008618920719118
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Farsi Marine Service & Trading Co.®
Address: 722/831 K.B Dobhash Lane, Gosaildanga, Bandar Chittagong port Bangladesh

Dear Concern
Good day!
We would like to introduce ourselves as a ship chandler//Exporter//Importer//Spare parts supplier Company at Chittagong port Bangladesh
We will provide all kinds of marine service, kindly request you to send us an inquiry about your vessel if needed.
We assure you to complete the service with our skilled & Experienced Technician.
Here Is The Services As follows, Which We Can Do Successfully:
Ship Repair Services:
■ All kinds of Main Engines and Auxiliary Engines servicing.
■ All Hydraulic works.
■ Cranes Hydraulic/ Mechanical/ Electrical Repair & Load test survey.
■ Air-conditioning system/ Refrigeration/ air-compressor Repairs.
■ Electrical repairs and rewinding Electric motor.
■ Fabrication of Anchor, Rudder, Propeller, and underwater HULL.
■ Steel Renewal & Fabrications: Pipelines, Side Shell, Deck, Hatch, Tank, Eng. room, etc.
■ Underwater hull and propeller cleaning job.
■ Supply of Skilled and certified manpower for ship repair, Cleaning & painting Job.

Supply Services:
■ Deck, Engine, Electric, Stationery, Medicine, Safety store supply.
■ Provision (Dry, fresh & frozen)/ Bond/ Cabin/ Saloon store supply.
■ All Lubricants/ Hydraulic oils/ Fuel oil Supply.
■ Ship's Chemical, Paint & Painting Materials Supply.
■ Freon/ Acetylene/ Oxygen/ NO2 etc gases supply & Cylinder refilling.
■ Chart Publication/ Nautical Book Supply.
We are committed to serving better service to your vessel.
We always try to create a new benchmark to deliver excellence and believe in making a good relationship with our honorable clients around the world.
We Will highly appreciate your kind response.
Best Regards

Mobile : 008801314667542(WeChat)
Telephone : 008802-333310276
China mobile : 008618920719118
E-mail :
Website :
Farsi Marine Service & Trading Co.®
Address: 722/831 K.B Dobhash Lane, Gosaildanga, Bandar Chittagong port Bangladesh

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