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Pse send us Your email to allow Vessel provisions quotation at Talcahuano, on/abt 15th Feb 2022.
Thank You.
Capt. Andrea Caroli

Dear Sirs,

Please kindly note vessel Irmgard Schulte lies at Punta Arenas Anchorage and probably remains here for the next couple of days.
Please kindly advise if you are able to deliver provision to the vessel at anchorage.
Please find attached provision list for your best quotation.
Please also advise if there are any additional costs involved, if any.

Please also advise the prices of the following items:

1. Electrode packs For 50 kgf/cm2 High Tensile Strength Steel

Type: Low Hydrogen and All Positions; Brand: Wilhemsen / Unitor
Specs: LH-314 (AWS E-7018) (DIN E51 43B10 120) ISO E514 B12014H (BS E51 43B)

Quantity: 02 Packs

2. Flat Chanel Belt - Type: 6PH 1915- 1 piece
3. Flag of Ecuador-1

Our local Charterers Agent is Umar, Punta Arenas Agency.

Many thanks in advance

Kind Regards
Capt. Wieslaw S. Milaniuk

Please respond to:
E-mail: master@irmgard.schulte.bsmfleet.com
VSAT bridge: +44 239 420 0055
VSAT Captain: +49 406 752 9784
Sat C Tlx: 423593958 / 423593959
(max in 2 mb, out 4 mb)

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