smart-Tecs and announce partnership

SAN LEANDRO, CA & HONG KONG, 28 September 2012 – Hong Kong based Limited and smart-Tecs (USA) announce partnership and offer their customers a complementary set of products and services.

The partnership between smart-Tecs and is aimed at seaport terminal operators, which require advanced hardware, software automation, security and tracking systems.

smart-Tecs and extend their individual portfolio of solutions, which include both standard systems deployment and custom hardware and software systems design and development. Both companies promote and support each others’ software and hardware solutions in the their respective markets. recently launched a set of cloud apps, supporting the terminal operating system in numerous planning, monitoring and performance measurement tasks. smart-Tecs key offering is a gate automation platform and OCR systems deployed in numerous North American and European facilities.

smart-Tecs CEO, Eldar Sheykh-Zade, states “ARL extends the range of our services as well as our geographical reach. Together, we offer a great selection of solutions, which addresses a wide range of planning, optimisation and security management tasks of our clients”. director and CEO, René Bendt, continues: " We are very pleased to partner up with smart-Tecs, and tap into their experience in gate automation. We look forward to work with Eldar and his team and to bring their capabilities East”.

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