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Please give this mail to the Sea freight team If you are not in Sea freight team. Thank you advance.

Do you have this experience that your clients want to transport their goods through you, but always when you contact the shipper you will find they transport their goods by others or they always give you information later or wrong?

whether you always find when you book shipping or air space from China to your country, but the shipping company always give you the neccessary information later?

And in the peak season you also find the shipping company will not give shipping space to you in China.

Why these circumstance always appeared?

The ultimate causality is the time gap and communication gap.

Because of different working time and different language you lost so many business ?

So I think you should find a partner in China.

We can heip you contact the shipper and shipping company and tell you the new information about them at any time so that you will not worry about these.

And we can ensure your shipping and air space at any time.

If you need we also can provide our best net rates for you for reference. For we are the direct agency of many shipping company and always book shipping space for many shipping forwarder in China.

From Shenzhen To St.Petersburg
USD 2500/4650/4750  via MSC
USD 2950/5150/5350 via CMA-CGM

We can help you solve all the problem you meet in China market and expand the China market very well.

If you meet these please not hesitate to contact me at any time .

Best wishes
Oversea manager
Shenzhen Caihui International Logistics Co. Ltd.
Skype: saraluo2

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