check the international courier price from China to worldwide

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   Are you looking for the international shipping price from China ?
   Are you in trouble with the transportation from China to you?
   Do you think the the suppliers offer you high shipping price from China to you?
   Do you want to combine the parcels from the different suppliers and send it as one parcel?
   Let me help you! www(.)jf-express(.)com
   From our website(Guangzhou Hurricane express company), you can check the international courier price from Guangzhou,China to worldwide, you can compare the different courier and different transit time,and some needed attention regulation by couriers and customs clearance.
    When you what to check the international shipping price, at first ,your should know the actual weight and volume weight, as DHL UPS FEDEX TNT regulation, the count of volume weight is: L*W*H/5000, if more then one box,all the boxes volume weight count together. Compare the actual weight,which one is more ,charge which one.
    There are different international courier price which offer by DHL,FEDEX,UPS,EMS,TNT,and our express line service, can pick up the goods in Guangzhou for free.if you want to send some big size,or heavy carton, or some world brand goods, please contact  us  for some information.
   When you decide to send the goods, just ask the supplier to offer some details of goods to me.let me make invoice for you ,or you ask the supplier to make invoice for me,then we can send it.
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