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KIND ATTN :- RESPECTIVE MANAGER ( PURCHASING DEPT ) Dear Sir, Good Day.Boss yr gd vsls haunting Chittagong much so, you may need a regular server recently yr gd vsl M.V . STONY LAKE comg here.
We're a leading Provns, All kind of stores, Bunker, Second hand Spares Suplr & Chipg,Paintg,Tank,Engine room Cleang,Repairg Contractor hv bn continuing the foregoing business since 1978.Rost to provide requisitions. for our quotation in the need of.We offer 10% Management commission & 45 days Credit. Hope we can satisfy you with our heartiest co-operation/Ali Akbar/ /mobile-01711272342

29monthi exprience

5monthi sallry 1236 usD send

complaint Dear ownarrow chennai CDC CH106400 missing martocarro police dakeep please give INDOSBORNE o6GL1018 send attest 2/224 westhe Street nellup attuned k.pudurgent post orthanduring to thajavur docell 9489477584

kindly Requsting malaspina castly vessel Airlins Airport maney 1236USD please send A/c/no/603801539983 bank /icici branch/chennai/moundroad thankyou

How can work 5monthi salary not send please send a/c no.603801539983 icici bank chennai mound rod branch vessal name malaspina castle benavi ship managmebd indian gagi Dewale coming NEW YEAR come 1236 USD send your faithfull R.karthi thank you xxxxx

9monthi canrticket 5monthi works fley ticket charging 5monthi 1236 USD kindly please send A/c No.603801539983 Bank.icici branch .chennai mound road.
Vessel malespina castly captain name thara go

Balance 5 monthi salary 1500 USD send A/cno.603801539983 Bank .icici branch chennai mound road please send Thank you your faithfully R.karthi

Oiler 5 monthi worke good worke completely worke ticket Airlines to home 1236 USD not give please send many Ac/no.603801539983 chennai mound road branch icicl bank thank you your faithfully R.karthi malspina vastly ship oiler

A/c .no.603801539983 icici bank.chennai mound rod branch 1236 usd dollar send name.R.karthi

Kindly Requesting 5 monthi sellary send oiler jop malaspina castely A/c no.603801539983 icici bank chennai mount road branch yourfaithfully R,karthi

Reactian malaspinacastale CDC.complent CH106400 chennai CDC missing itally martocarrro seavesr Actian unian clup mumpai chennai MMD marcantial Marian tepartment contact no.9489477584 please reply massage your count singturd

Malaspina castely ship worked oiler sigh of Holder karthi Airline ticket sallary self 1236USD dake company please give dallar A/ bank .icici branch chennai mound road name .R.karthi thankyou Reply yourfaithfully Ramalingamkarthi date 1.08.2022

How fine are you ship malaspina castly worke oiler your people dake CDC .CH.106400 chennai CDC countnus Desarge certficate dake martocarrro guai out guai dake please give 18.08.2022 focke airport gauai dake CDC nowe India company gauai R.karthi please Responsple CDC CH.106400 your kindly faithfully R.karthi Thankyou

Airport many 1236USD send A/c 603801539983 ICICI bank chennai.mound road branch name . thank you

Oiler malaspina castle oiler jop work Air line ticket give many give 2000 USD A/C No.603801539983 ICICI Bank branch chennai mound road Thank you

Kindly Requesting onar Alons 1236 USD salary man 5monthi malaspina castle ship Banavi shipping company sigh off In Airport martocarro to Qatar to chennai Airport salary cut please give Allons 1236 USD A/C.603801539983 icici Bank chennai mount road branch your faithfully karthi Thankyou

Kindly requesting airticket alowons 1236USD sallary A/c .603801539983 ICici bank chennai mount road branch

Kindly Requesting shingoff Airticket alowons marrtocarro toQatar .Qatar to.chennai Airticket owanr Allons 1236USD please send A/c.603801539983 ICICI Bank chennai mount road branch name.Ramalingamkarthi .Thankyou .yourfaithfulle R.karthi day.1.2.2023

Kindly Airport ticket 1236USD give please send A/c.603801539983 ICICI Bank chennai mount road branch thanks for yourfaithfulle karthi

Kindly Requesting owner Allownce 1236 USD Agrment wage 5monthi worke Requesting sigh off Airticket Allownce 1236 USD Dke give send USD A/c.603801539983 USD send ICICI Bank chennai mount road branch yourfaithfulle karthi

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