Shipping Books

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1,114 Sabine Stocker
Supply Chain Quality.
1,114 barrister Robert Darvas
The law and practice of commercial letters of credit, shipping documents, and termination of disputes in international trade
1,112 Don Silk
From Kauri Trees to Sunlit Seas: Shoestring Shipping in the South Pacific
1,112 F W Lacroix
A Concept of Operations for a New Deep-Diving Submarine
1,111 Sarah Bridges
I Drive a Freight Train (Working Wheels)
1,111 Hans-Christian Pfohl
Logistics courses in higher education in Europe: First empirical results
1,109 United States. Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations and Logistics)
Guide for monitoring contractors' indirect cost
1,107 Don Tapping
Value Stream Management
1,106 Unavailable
The themes of US military logistics.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
1,104 Harry Newson
A Digest of the Law of Shipping and of Marine Insurance
1,104 James R Myers
Milestones: Logistics in military history
1,103 Peter Lorange
Shipping Company Strategies: Global Management under Turbulent Conditions
1,103 Department of Defense
21st Century Complete Guide to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA): Providing Worldwide Logistics Support for the Warfighter, Military Materials Packing and Handling Handbooks (CD-ROM)
1,100 ISO/TC 20/SC 14
ISO 16091:2002, Space systems - Integrated logistic support
1,099 Terry Metcalfe
Union Pacific Freight Cars, 1936-1951
1,096 Graham Whittemore
Improving Hospital Supply Chains: An Engineering Approach
1,096 Ed Gubman
When innovation becomes efficiency: Motorola's global supply chain initiative.(supply chain innovation): An article from: Human Resource Planning
1,095 Erich Walter Zimmermann
Zimmermann On Ocean Shipping
1,094 Hugo Priemus
The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport: Operations, Design and Policy (Transport Economics, Management and Policy)
1,093 Norton E Marks
Physical distribution & marketing logistics;: An annotated bibliography (AMA bibliography series)
1,091 Daniel Marx
International Shipping Cartels: A Study of Industrial Self-Regulation by Shipping Conferences
1,088 IDC
A Look at Supply Chain Application Investments in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)
1,086 A. Kusiak
Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling (Mathematical Modeling)
1,084 Erling D. Naess
Autobiography of a shipping man
1,080 William Upski Wimsatt
Bomb the Suburbs: Graffiti, Race, Freight-Hopping and the Search for Hip-Hop's Moral Center
1,078 Edward Frazelle
World-Class Warehousing and Material Handling
1,077 Worrall Reed Carter
Ships, salvage, and sinews of war;: The story of fleet logistics afloat in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters during World War II,
1,075 Armando Oscar Cavanha Filho
userchain - end user logistics
1,074 Roberta (Robin) Russell
WP Stand Alone Operations Management: Creating Value Along the Supply Chain
1,073 Gordon Holman
In the wake of endeavour: The history of the New Zealand Shipping Company and Federal Steam Navigation Company;