Shipping Books

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633 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Stamped and Pressed Galvanized Steel Pails, Ash Cans, Garbage Cans, and Tubs Excluding Shipping Containers
633 Michael Assaf
Global Sourcing & Purchasing Post 9/11: New Logistics Compliance Requirements And Best Practices
633 Alan McKinnon
Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics
633 Charlie Morgan
Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide
Express Series: English for Logistics Student's Book and MultiROM
634 John Frederick Strombeck
Freight Classification; A Study of Underlying Principles
634 Caroline Hayes
Human-Computer Etiquette (Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization and Application)
634 Holger Arndt
Supply Chain Management
634 John Orville Greenwood
Namesakes of the 80's: The Factual Story With Photographs of Currently Existing Commercial Freight, Passenger and Carferry Vessels in the Great Lake (The Eighth book in the Namesakes series)
634 W. S. Lindsay
History Of Merchant Shipping And Ancient Commerce V2
634 Robert B. Handfield
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (2nd Edition)
634 ISO/TC 122
ISO/DIS 17366, Supply chain applications of RFID - Product packaging
634 Hartmut Stadtler
Supply Chain Management und Advanced Planning: Konzepte, Modelle und Software (German Edition)
634 David J. Forkenbrock
External Costs of Truck and Rail Freight Transportation
634 Ruth Melzer-Ridinger
Supply Chain Management
634 C. D. J. Waters
Supply Chain Risk Management: Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics
634 Anonymous
Navstar Global Positioning System integrated logistics support plan
634 Shaun C. Connors
Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics 2009-2010
634 Philip C. Cheng
Financial Management in the Shipping Industry (360p)
634 Roderick Younger
Logistics trends in European consumer goods: Challenges for suppliers, retailers and logistics companies (An FT management report)
634 Rolando M. Tomasini
Humanitarian Logistics (INSEAD Business Press)
634 J. H. Bigelow
Performance oriented logistics assessment (POLA): Executive summary
634 Joseph L. Walden
Modeling and Benchmarking Supply Chain Leadership: Setting the Conditions for Excellence (Resource Management)
634 Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Streamlined: 14 Principles for Building & Managing the Lean Supply Chain
634 Sten A. O. Thore
Economic Logistics: The Optimization of Spatial and Sectoral Resource, Production, and Distribution Systems (The IC2 Management and Management Science Series)
634 British-Dutch Maritime History Conference 1993 University of strathcl
Shipping, Technology and Imperialism: Papers Presented to the Third British-Dutch Maritime History Conference
634 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for General Freight Trucking in Greater China
634 Hans-Dietrich Haasis
Dynamics in Logistics: First International Conference, LDIC 2007, Bremen, Germany, August 2007. Proceedings
634 T. C. Edwin Cheng
Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (International Handbooks on Information Systems)
634 Timothy L. Ramey
Lean Logistics: High-Velocity Logistics Infrastructure and the C-5 Galaxy