Shipping Books

Popularitysort ascending Author & Title
1,126 Frank Straube
Internationalisation of Logistics Systems: How Chinese and German companies enter foreign markets (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1,126 B. Prabhakaran
Logistics: Orr Arimugam (Tamil Edition)
1,125 John Albert Droege
Freight Terminals and Trains: Including a Revision of Yards and Terminals
1,125 Pinar Martin
Remanufacturing as a Supply Chain Strategy: Business Models and Case Studies
1,125 George Maitland Lazarus
A Treatise on the Law Relating to the Insurance of Freight
1,125 Lisa H. Harrington
X-SCM: The New Science of Extreme Supply Chain Management
1,125 Efstratios Pistikopoulos
Process Systems Engineering: Volume 3: Supply Chain Optimization
1,124 Marvin Luke Fair
Economics of Transportation and Logistics
1,123 James Lewis Cowles
A General Freight and Passenger Post, a Practical Solution of the Railroad Problem
1,123 Christopher Holmes
The Compliance-Driven Supply Chain: Attitudes and Trends Toward the Greening of the Supply Chain in the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Region
1,123 Jack W. Plunkett
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2010: Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Market Research, Statistics, ... Transportation & Logistics Industry Almanac)
1,123 Faustino Taderera
Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Warehousing, Distribution, Materials
1,119 Richard D. Armstrong
Who's Who in Logistics? - Armstrong's Guide to Third Party Logistics Services Providers
1,119 Lloyd E. Stagner
UP Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
1,117 Kurt Ettrich
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Costing: An Air Transport Perspective Derived Through Commercial Air Cargo Firms
1,117 Roger Finch
Cross in the Topsail: An Account of the Shipping Interests of R.W. Paul
1,117 Stephen Hays Russell
Earned value management: uses and misuses.(Essay): An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
1,117 Alan McKinnon
Transport Logistics (Classics in Transport Analysis Series)
1,116 Manjunath Ramachandra
Web-based Supply Chain Management and Digital Signal Processing: Methods for Effective Information Administration and Transmission (Premier Reference Source)
1,116 Department of Defense
21st Century U.S. Army Noncombatant Evacuation Operations Field Manual (FM 90-29) - Security, Logistics, Safehaven, Psychological Operations
1,116 Maciej Piechocki
XBRL for Interactive Data: Engineering the Information Value Chain
1,116 Roger Cliff
Entering the Dragon's Lair: Chinese Antiaccess Strategies and Their Implications for the United States
1,116 John F Morton
Routing Freight Shipments
1,115 Michael Roe
Shipping in the Baltic Region (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping)
1,115 Patrick Finlay
Jane's Freight Containers 1987 (Jane's Intermodal Transportation)
1,114 George Shumway
Conestoga wagon, 1750-1850;: Freight carrier for 100 years of America's westward expansion,
1,113 Jurgen Weber
Steuerung Der Supply Chain: Aber Mit Welchen Instrumenten? (German Edition)
1,111 Rosey Hurst
Where Did That Come From?: A Study in Ethical Issues in the Supply Chain
1,110 R. Neil Southern
Transportation and Logistics Basics
1,110 U.S. Army
21st Century U.S. Army Field Manuals: Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Battalion FM 3-21.21, Logistics FM 4-90.7, Reconnaissance Platoon FM 3-21.94 (CD-ROM)