Shipping Books

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1,410 Friedrich Boer
All About A Container Ship
1,410 Hasinur Rahaman Khan
Multilevel Logistic Regression Analysis of Contraceptive Binary Data: Basics, Applications, Interpretations
1,409 Walter Perry
Measures of Effectiveness for the Information-Age Navy: The Effects of Network-Centric Operations on Combat Outcome
1,408 Thomas Vollmann
1,406 Patrick Finlay
Jane's Freight Containers 1987 (Jane's Intermodal Transportation)
1,405 Roger Cliff
Entering the Dragon's Lair: Chinese Antiaccess Strategies and Their Implications for the United States
1,403 Manjunath Ramachandra
Web-based Supply Chain Management and Digital Signal Processing: Methods for Effective Information Administration and Transmission (Premier Reference Source)
1,402 George Shumway
Conestoga wagon, 1750-1850;: Freight carrier for 100 years of America's westward expansion,
1,402 Ronald Hope
New History of British Shipping
1,402 W.G. Chapman
'Twixt Rail and Sea: Great Western Railway Book of Docks, Seaports and Shipping (Boys of All Ages)
1,402 Department of Defense
21st Century U.S. Army Noncombatant Evacuation Operations Field Manual (FM 90-29) - Security, Logistics, Safehaven, Psychological Operations
1,402 James Lewis Cowles
A General Freight and Passenger Post, a Practical Solution of the Railroad Problem
1,401 Lloyd E. Stagner
UP Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
1,400 Lisa H. Harrington
X-SCM: The New Science of Extreme Supply Chain Management
1,398 J. Barrett
Securing Global Transportation Networks
1,397 Jack W. Plunkett
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2010: Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Market Research, Statistics, ... Transportation & Logistics Industry Almanac)
1,397 B. Prabhakaran
Logistics: Orr Arimugam (Tamil Edition)
1,396 Richard D. Armstrong
Who's Who in Logistics? - Armstrong's Guide to Third Party Logistics Services Providers
1,396 George Maitland Lazarus
A Treatise on the Law Relating to the Insurance of Freight
1,396 Kurt Ettrich
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Costing: An Air Transport Perspective Derived Through Commercial Air Cargo Firms
1,394 Roger Finch
Cross in the Topsail: An Account of the Shipping Interests of R.W. Paul
1,394 John F Morton
Routing Freight Shipments
1,393 Lynn M. Stone
Freight Trains (Stone, Lynn M. Trains.)
1,393 John Albert Droege
Freight Terminals and Trains: Including a Revision of Yards and Terminals
1,391 Christopher Holmes
The Compliance-Driven Supply Chain: Attitudes and Trends Toward the Greening of the Supply Chain in the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Region
1,390 Graham Buxton
Effective Marketing Logistics
1,388 Jurgen Weber
Steuerung Der Supply Chain: Aber Mit Welchen Instrumenten? (German Edition)
1,388 Michael Roe
Shipping in the Baltic Region (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping)
1,387 Sandy McLachlan
The National Freight Buy-Out: The Inside Story
1,387 Marvin Luke Fair
Economics of Transportation and Logistics