Shipping Books

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1,041 Kenneth Lysons
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
1,041 W. S. Lindsay
History Of Merchant Shipping And Ancient Commerce V4
1,041 Fiona Hood-Stewart
Millionaires and Mistresses (Silhouette Shipping Cycle)
1,041 Khalid Bichou
Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply-Chain Security (Lloyd's Practical Shipping Guides)
1,041 Robert S. Tripp
Sense and Respond Logistics Integrating Prediction, Responsiveness, and Control Capabilities (Project Air Force)
1,041 Wan-ting Hu
Supply Chain Coordination Contracts with Free Replacement Warranty: A Study on Supply Chain Optimization and Fair Profit Allocation through Contract Design
1,041 SAS Publishing
SAS/STAT(R) 9.1 User's Guide: The LOGISTIC Procedure (Book Excerpt)
1,041 Icon Group Ltd.
NIPPON STEEL LOGISTICS CO LTD: International Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis (Financial Performance Series)
1,041 Ribert L. Dodson
Naval operational logistics support center supports Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.(HIGHLIGHT): An article from: Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
1,041 Philip Anderson
ISM Code: A Practical Guide to the Legal and Insurance Implications (Lloyd's Practical Shipping Guides)
1,041 Austin G. Long
On Other War: Lessons from Five Decades of RAND Counterinsurgency Research
1,041 Andrew Darnell
Supply Chain Analysis of Gabilan Manufacturing Inc.
1,041 John W. Langford
Logistics: Principles and Applications, Special Reprint Edition
1,041 Edmund W. Schuster
Global RFID: The Value of the EPCglobal Network for Supply Chain Management
1,041 Dayle Gaetz
Living Freight (On Time's Wing Historical Fiction)
1,041 George A. Zsidisin
Supply Chain Risk: A Handbook of Assessment, Management, and Performance
1,041 John W. Langford
Logistics: Principles and Applications, 2nd Ed. (McGraw-Hill Logistics Series)
1,041 Mahyar A. Amouzegar
Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces: Alternative Options for Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance
1,041 Edward Sweeney
Perspectives on Supply Chain Management and Logistics : Creating Competitive Organisations in the 21st Century
1,041 William C. Copacino
Supply Chain Management: The Basics and Beyond (Resource Management)
1,041 Chae An
Supply Chain Management on Demand: Strategies and Technologies, Applications
1,041 John F. Schank
Options for Reducing Costs in the United Kingdom's Future Aircraft Carrier Programme.
1,042 Francis Harrison
Supply Chain Management Workbook
1,042 N. Balakrishnan
Handbook of Logistic Distribution, Second Edition (Statistics: a Series of Textbooks and Monographs)
1,042 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Retail Logistics in the United States
1,042 Andre Langevin
Logistics Systems: Design and Optimization (Gerad 25th Anniversary Series)
1,042 Alan E. Branch
Elements of Shipping
1,042 Reinhard H??bner
Strategic Supply Chain Management in Process Industries: An Application to Specialty Chemicals Production Network Design (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
1,042 D. Lowe
Storage and Distribution in Supply Chains: Study Guide
1,042 Emilio-Germ?
Diccionario Terminologico de Marketing y Logistica: Dictionary of Marketing and Logistics Terminology / By Emilio-German Mu~niz Castro; With the Termi (Verba Diccionarios) (Spanish Edition)