Shipping Books

Popularitysort ascending Author & Title
1,753 Enzo Morosini Frazzon
Sustainability and Effectiveness in Global Logistic Systems
1,749 Thomas F. Zera
Ore-Oil Bulk : Pictorial History of Bulk Shipping Losses of the 1980's: Pictorial History of Bulk Shipping Losses During the 1980's
1,747 Pierre A. David
International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations
1,746 Theo Notteboom
Current Issues in Port Logistics & Intermodality
1,745 Walt Grischuk
Supply Chain Brutalization: The Handbook for Contract Manufacturing
1,744 Department of Defense
21st Century U.S. Army Combat Service Support Operations, Theater Army Area Command Field Manual (FM 63-4) - Battefield, Supply, Logistics, Rear Area Protection, NBC Environment
1,742 Christopher Martin
Logistics: Strategic Issues
1,738 Peter Brady
Freight Trains (Early-Reader Science Transportation)
1,737 Werner Vach
Logistic Regression with Missing Values in the Covariates (Lecture Notes in Statistics)
1,736 Peter James Rimmer
Freight forwarding in the Australia-Papua New Guinea trade (New Guinea research bulletin)
1,734 Charu Chandra
Supply Chain Configuration: Concepts, Solutions, and Applications
1,733 Ronald H. Ballou
Business Logistics: Supply Chain Management
1,732 James F. Shepherd
Shipping, maritime trade and the economic development of colonial North America
1,732 Central Office of Information
British Industry Today: Freight Transport (Reference Pamphlet)
1,732 Kevin A. O'Laughlin
Reconfiguring European Logistics Systems
1,730 John F Morton
Routing Freight Shipments
1,729 Datamonitor
Logistics in Italy
1,729 Logistics Resource Forum 1982 (Kiawah Island)
Logistics: Concepts and Applications
1,727 Joseph Kallrath
Real Optimization with SAP?
1,726 Kunal Sharma
Logistic Management: A Competitive Advantage for the New Millennium
1,726 Barry Pemberton
Australian Coastal Shipping
1,725 Smita Brunnermeier
Interoperability Cost Analysis of the U.S. Automotive Supply Chain: Final Report
1,724 Graham Buxton
Effective Marketing Logistics
1,724 Gildas Avoine
Essentials of Logistics and Management (Management of Technology)
1,723 Faustino Taderera
Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Warehousing, Distribution, Materials
1,723 Pinar Martin
Remanufacturing as a Supply Chain Strategy: Business Models and Case Studies
1,723 Friedrich Boer
All About A Container Ship
1,720 J Bes
Chartering and shipping terms;: Practical guide for steamship companies, masters, ship's officers, shipbrokers, forwarding agents, exporters, importers, insurance brokers and banks
1,720 David Lowe
Intermodal Freight Transport