Shipping Books

Popularity Author & Titlesort descending
687 Todd C. Helmus
Enlisting Madison Avenue: The Marketing Approach to Earning Popular Support in Theaters of Operation
1,230 Roger Cliff
Entering the Dragon's Lair: Chinese Antiaccess Strategies and Their Implications for the United States
816 Alice Marie Long
Enterprise architecture: origins, tools, and insights.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
683 Lihui Wang
Enterprise Networks and Logistics for Agile Manufacturing
668 Norbert Gronau
Enterprise Resource Planning und Supply Chain Management
699 Vivek Sehgal
Enterprise Supply Chain Management: Integrating Best in Class Processes
715 Helen Doe
Enterprising Women and Shipping in the Nineteenth Century
675 Peter Bickel
Environmental External Costs of Transport (v. 1)
658 Frank A. Camm
Environmental Management in Proactive Commercial Firms: Lessons for Central Logistics Activities in the Department of Defense
665 Esmond Birnie
Environmental Regulation and Competitive Advantage: A Study of Packaging Waste in the European Supply Chain
899 Ram Narasimhan
Environmental supply chain management
655 Oliver M??nch
eProcurement als Teil von eSCM in der deutschen Luftfahrtindustrie: - Collaborative Supply Chain Studie - (German Edition)
698 Eric Peltz
Equipment Sustainment Requirements for the Transforming Army
707 Marc Eisenbarth
Erfolgsfaktoren Des Supply Chain Managements In Der Automobilindustrie (German Edition)
1,122 Christian N. Madu
ERP AND Supply Chain Management
693 Gerhard Schrenk
ERP-Einf??hrung mit SCOR: Ein Leitfaden zur Implementierung von Unternehmenssoftware mit Hilfe des Supply Chain Operations Reference Modells (German Edition)
674 Avraham Shtub
ERP: The Dynamics of Supply Chain and Process Management
662 Carol A. Ptak
ERP: Tools, Techniques, and Applications for Integrating the Supply Chain, Second Edition (Resource Management)
681 Diana Hamilton Sara Wood
Escape to Italian Idylls (Silhouette Shipping Cycle)
1,255 Gildas Avoine
Essentials of Logistics and Management (Management of Technology)
669 Bruce G. Rich
Essentials of Logistics: Managing Resources in the 21st Century
669 S.G. Deshmukh
Essentials of Supply Chain Management
Essentials of Supply Chain Management
Essentials of Supply Chain Management
697 Michael H. Hugos
Essentials of Supply Chain Management, 2nd Edition
748 Scotty A. Pendley
Establishing C-5 TNMCM standards.(Essay): An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
658 Jeremy Arkes
Estimating the Benefits of the Air Force Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Initiative
708 A. Ancarani
Eugene S. Schneller, Larry R. Smeltzer, Strategic Management of the Health Care Supply Chain, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA, 2006 (328 pp.). [A book review ... Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management]
720 Ad R. Van Goor
European Distribution and Supply Chain Logistics
European logistics integration: Challenge of the Alps (Report / The Conference Board)