Shipping Books

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759 The ASCET Team
ASCET: Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology VOLUME 6
758 Vivian Solomon
The South African shipping question, 1886-1914 (Historical Publication Society)
758 Hualiang Lu
The Role of Guanxi in Buyer-Seller Relationships in China: A Survey of Vegetable Supply Chains in Jiangsu Province (International Chains and Network Series)
757 John J. Coyle
Business Logistics: Student Manual
757 Marco Linz
Airfreight Supply Chain Collaboration
756 Michael McClellan
Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-Time Information to Support the Supply Chain
756 Ronald H. Ballou
Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management and Logware CD Package (5th Edition)
756 Marvin Luke Fair
Transportation and Logistics
755 Donald J. Bowersox
Start Pulling Your Chain!
755 Charles Erle Bell
Everyday Freight Rules and Tariff Manual Applicable to Interstate Traffic
755 Emory Richard Johnson
Ocean Rates and Terminal Charges
755 Costas P. Pappis
Climate Change, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Adaptation: Implications of Global Warming on the Economy
755 David Larkin
British Rail Standard Freight Wagons
754 James A. Tompkins
The Supply Chain Handbook
754 Kenneth D. Lawrence
The Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation: Modeling, Optimization, and Applications
754 Paul R. Murphy Jr.
Contemporary Logistics (9th International Edition)
753 Robert S. Tripp
A Framework for Enhancing Airlift and Execution Capabilities within the Joint Expeditionary Movement System
753 Ritva Koponen
An item analysis of tests in mathematics applying logistic test models (Jyvaskyla studies in education, psychology and social research)
753 Fred A. Kuglin
Using Technology to Transform the Value Chain
753 Marshall L. Fisher
What Is the Right Supply Chain for Your Products? (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)
753 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Specialized Freight Trucking in India
753 Kevin Smith
Conflict over Convoys: Anglo-American Logistics Diplomacy in the Second World War
753 Unknown
Selling to the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, other defense agencies : general information, items purchased, location of military purchasing offices
752 J. Edwin Becht
A geography of transportation and business logistics (The Brown foundations of geography series)
752 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Plastics Shipping Boxes and Cases in India
752 Lynn M. Stone
Freight Yards (Stone, Lynn M. Trains.)
752 Colin M. Castle
752 C.V. Christianson
Joint logistics--shaping our future: a personal perspective: the Department of Defense's senior logistician offers some thoughts on the collaborative network ... essay): An article from: Army Logistician
752 Miles Cook
Why companies flunk supply-chain 101 : Only 33% correctly measure supply-chain performance
751 Peter R. Brodie
Commercial Shipping Handbook