Shipping Books

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733 John Dumond
Velocity Management: The Business Paradigm that has Transformed U.S. Army Logistics
732 A. J. Ambrose
Jane's Merchant Shipping Review
731 H. Slawik
Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture
731 Lun Y.H. Venus
Adoption of EC by Logistics Service Providers: Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Logistics Service Providers in Hong Kong
731 M.B.F. Ranken
World Shipping in the 1990's: Greenwich Forum Conference Proceedings
731 David E. Mosher
Beyond the Nuclear Shadow: a Phased Approached for Improving Nuclear Safety and U.S.-Russian Realtions
730 David L. VanderZwaag
Challenge of Arctic Shipping (Mcgill-Queen's Native and Northern Series)
730 Sherry R. Gordon
Supplier Evaluation & Performance Excellence
730 Charles Erle Bell
Everyday Freight Rules and Tariff Manual Applicable to Interstate Traffic
729 Goh Puay Guan
Supply Chain Management
729 IBISWorld
Freight Packing & Logistics Services in the US - Industry Risk Rating Report
729 Zeyad Naji
Marketing and logistics moving towards full integration as one concept " marketing logistics " (Buckinghamshire Business School research papers)
729 Charles A. Ingene
Mathematical Models of Distribution Channels (International Series in Quantitative Marketing)
729 Kamran Meer
Best Practices in ERP Software Applications: Accounting, Supply Chain Planning, Procurement, Inventory
728 Christian Bierwirth
Adaptive Search and the Management of Logistic Systems - Base Models for Learning Agents (OPERATIONS RESEARCH/ COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERFACES Volume 11)
728 Mario Possamai
Contraband, Organized Crime, and the Threat to the Transportation and Supply Chain Function
728 Hualiang Lu
The Role of Guanxi in Buyer-Seller Relationships in China: A Survey of Vegetable Supply Chains in Jiangsu Province (International Chains and Network Series)
728 Miranda Lee
The Passion Collection (Silhouette Shipping Cycle)
728 Marco Linz
Airfreight Supply Chain Collaboration
728 James L. Heskett
Case Problems in Business Logistics
727 IDC
Worldwide Logistics Applications 2004-2008 Forecast
727 Carl M. Guelzo
Introduction to Logistics Management
727 Emory Richard Johnson
Ocean Rates and Terminal Charges
727 Alan E. Branch
Economics of shipping practice and management
725 Archibald William McClellan
The logistics of a public library bookstock
725 The ASCET Team
ASCET: Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology VOLUME 6
725 Costas P. Pappis
Climate Change, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Adaptation: Implications of Global Warming on the Economy
725 Paul R. Murphy Jr.
Contemporary Logistics (9th International Edition)
724 John E. Peters
A Methodology for Developing Army Acquisition Strategies for an Uncertain Future
724 Victor K. Fung
The Network Challenge (Chapter 17): Network Orchestration: Creating and Managing Global Supply Chains Without Owning Them