Shipping Books

Popularity Author & Titlesort descending
677 Jens Kiesel
Dictionary of Logistics and Supply Chain Management / Wrterbuch Logistik und Supply Chain Management: English - German / Deutsch - Englisch
1,253 Alan E. Branch
Dictionary of Shipping International Business Trade Terms and Abbreviations
716 E. R. Hardy Ivamy
Dictionary of Shipping Law (Butterworths Professional Dictionaries Series)
676 Edward Frank Stevens
Dictionary of Shipping Terms and Phrases
666 Bill Cope
Digital Rights Management and Content Development: Technology drivers across the book production supply chain, from creator to consumer
680 Ann Fetter Friedlaender
Dilemma of Freight Transport Regulation (Studies in the regulation of economic activity)
658 Anthony Vickery
Direct from New York!: The Finances and Logistics of Touring Theatre in the United States and Canada, 1900-1916
691 Andreas Otto
Direct Store Delivery: Concepts, Applications and Instruments
729 Jeffrey H. Schutt
Directing the Flow of Product: A Guide to Improving Supply Chain Planning
758 Martin Murray
Discover Logistics with SAP ERP
720 Amanda Dorothy
Distribution and logistics in Latin America: Strategies for success in a rapidly evolving market
733 Bernhard Fleischmann
Distribution Logistics: Advanced Solutions to Practical Problems (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
668 David Frederick Ross
Distribution Planning and Control: Managing in the Era of Supply Chain Management
709 Books LLC
Distribution, Retailing, and Wholesaling: Wholesale, Franchising, Supply Chain Management, Filling Station, Merchant, Distribution
680 David Frederick Ross
Distribution: Planning and Control (Chapman & Hall Materials Management/Logistics Series)
723 U.S. Dept of Defense
Doctrine for logistic support of joint operations (SuDoc D 5.12:4-0)
729 United States. Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Doctrine for logistic support of joint operations: Joint Chiefs of Staff
708 Marcelo Hozven
DoD Supply Chain Implications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Use Within Air Mobility Command (AMC)
716 Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
DoD supply chain management implementation guide
687 Brauner/Bondanella/Pint/Relles/Steinberg
Dollars and Sense: A Process Improvement Approach to Logistics Financial Management
683 Edwin Kiel
Drive Solutions: Mechatronics for Production and Logistics
726 Nicholas T. Scheel
Drop Shipping as a Marketing Function: A Handbook of Methods and Policies
709 R. S. Fenton
Dutch and Belgian Short Sea Shipping 1996-97
751 Jake V. Th Knoppers
Dutch trade with Russia from the time of Peter I to Alexander I: A quantitative study in eighteenth century shipping (Occasional papers - Interuniversity Centre for European Studies ; no. 1)
755 S. R. Fields
Dynamic analysis to establish normal shock and vibration of radioactive material shipping packages: Quarterly progress report, October 1, 1979 - December 31, 1979
765 Rainer Kleber
Dynamic Inventory Management in Reverse Logistics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
665 Adolfo Crespo M?
Dynamic Modelling for Supply Chain Management: Dealing with Front-end, Back-end and Integration Issues
1,242 John Gattorna
Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment
661 John Gattorna
Dynamic Supply Chains: Delivering value through people (2nd Edition) (Financial Times Series)
732 Luis X. B. Mour?
Dynamics AX: A Guide to Microsoft Axapta