Shipping Books

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577 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Air Freight Services
577 Anne McKinney
Real-Resumes for Supply & Logistics Jobs
577 David Jenkins
Jenkins Brothers of Cardiff: A Ceredigion Family's Shipping Ventures
577 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Electric Freight Elevators Excluding Farm and Portable Elevators in Japan
577 Dick Morreale
The How To Book of Logistics: Supply Chain Management Made Understandable
577 Lisa M. Ellram, Jeffrey A. Ogden Stanley E. Fawcett
Supply Chain Management: From Vision to Implementation (1st International Editio
577 Dirk Seifert
Efficient Consumer Response. Category Management, Supply Chain Management und CPFR als neue Strategieans?
577 Charles Curtice McCain
Freight Rates: Official Classification Territory and Eastern Canada
577 Andr?
Relational Factors in Supply Chain Performance Measurement: Trust, Power and Dependence: Do They Affect the Use of Performance Metrics in Supply Chains?
577 Scott Webster
Principles and Tools for Supply Chain Management with Student CD-ROM
577 Icon Group International
The 2009 Report on Unbleached Kraft Shipping Sack Paper: World Market Segmentation by City
577 Amiya K. Chakravarty
Managing Business Interfaces: Marketing and Engineering Issues in the Supply Chain and Internet Domains (International Series in Quantitative Marketing)
577 Colin Barrett
Modern Transportation Management (VNR Materials Management/Logistics Series)
577 Philip M. Parker
The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Logistics
577 Adam Caplin
New Container Style: Simple and Innovative Ideas for Planing Recycled Pots
577 Chi-Kin Chan
Successful Strategies in Supply Chain Management
577 Icon Group International
The 2009 World Forecasts of Iron and Steel Chain and Chain Parts Export Supplies
577 Michael Assaf
Global Sourcing & Purchasing Post 9/11: New Logistics Compliance Requirements And Best Practices
577 Dr. S.K. Sinha
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
577 Austin G. Long
Deterrence--From Cold War to Long War: Lessons from Six Decades of RAND Research
577 Joel D. Wisner
Principles of Supply Chain Management (with InfoTrac and CD-ROM)
577 Icon Group International
The 2009 Import and Export Market for Railway or Tramway Freight and Maintenance Cars in Europe
577 Horst Tempelmeier
Material-Logistik: Modelle und Algorithmen f??r die Produktionsplanung und -steuerung und das Supply Chain Management (German Edition)
577 Icon Group
The 2009 World Forecasts of Railway or Tramway Vans, Wagons, and Freight Cars for the Transport of Goods Excluding Self-Propelled Export Supplies
577 Edward Norman Lewis
Lewis' Law of Shipping: Being a Treatise On the Law Respecting the Inland and Sea-Coast Shipping of Canada and the United States
577 U Dinesh Kumar
Reliability, Maintenance and Logistic Support - A Life Cycle Approach
577 Khalid Bichou
Risk Management in Port Operations, Logistics and Supply-Chain Security (Lloyd's Practical Shipping Guides)
577 John Hartley
Electronic data interchange: Gateway to world-class supply chain management (Research report)
577 W. S. Lindsay
History Of Merchant Shipping And Ancient Commerce V2
577 Faustino Taderera
International Purchasing Strategy: Procurement, Supply Chain, Shipping