Shipping Books

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769 Forrest R. Browne
A Classification and Analysis of National Contract Management Journal Articles from 1990 to 1999 and Journal of Supply Chain Management Articles from 1987 to 2000
769 Alastair Chisholm
Millport Pier Album - An Illustrated History: Some Aspects of Piers and Shipping on Great Cumbrae
768 Wolfgang Buchholz
Supply Chain Solutions. Best Practices in e-business.
767 R. Bhatnagar
Supply chain competitiveness: measuring the impact of location factors, uncertainty and manufacturing practices [An article from: Technovation]
767 American Shipping and Industrial League.
Official proceedings of the convention
766 Luis Ruiz-Garcia
Development of Monitoring Systems for Cold Chain Logistics: Improving Food Safety through Emergent Sensing Technologies in the Cold Supply Chain
766 Philip Obal
Who's Who in 3PL WMS Software: Warehouse Management System Software Solutions for Third Party Logistics Providers
765 R. S. Fenton
764 Matthias L??tke Entrup
Advanced Planning in Fresh Food Industries: Integrating Shelf Life into Production Planning (Contributions to Management Science)
764 Robert Button
A Preliminary Investigation of Ship Acquisition Options for Joint Foricle Entry Operations
762 John Sterman
Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World with CD-ROM
762 Eiichi Taniguchi
Innovations in City Logistics
762 Robert C Lieb
Third-party logistics: A manager's guide
761 Michael Rex
My Freight Train
761 Matthias Hackl
Analyse und Bewertung von Supply Chains: Erl?
761 Panos Kouvelis
The Structure of Global Supply Chains
761 Lawrence D. Fredendall
Basics of Supply Chain Management (Resource Management)
759 United Nations Environment Programme
The Role of Supply Chains in Addressing the Global Seafood Crisis
759 Theophilus Parsons
A Treatise on the Law of Shipping and the Law and Practice of Admiralty [ V.1 ] [ 1869 ]
758 Laura H. Baldwin
Contingency contracting: analyzing support to Air Force missions in Iraqi freedom.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
758 Andreas Kannt
Supply Chain Management and Design at Global Companies.
757 Janet P. Smith
Army Logistics Systems: Opportunities to Improve the Accuracy of the Army?
757 SGA Lists
ADS Logistics, LLC
757 Edward M. DeRouin
North Shore Line: Interuban Freight (Midwestern Rail)
756 Walter B Heggie
NATO logistics: A compendium of information (Mobilization and defense management educational materials series)
756 Jayashree Dubey
Supply Chain Management
755 Unavailable
Abu Dhabi - Shipping.: An article from: APS Review Gas Market Trends
755 Mark A. Taylor
Computerized Shipping Systems : Increasing Profit and Productivity Through Technology
754 Daniel Byman
A Stronger Partnership: Improving Military Cooperation with Relief Agencies and Allies in Humanitarian Crises
753 Rosalind Lewis
Building a Multinational Global Satellite System: An Initial Look (Project Air Force)