Shipping Books

Popularity Author & Title
875 Frank A. Camm
Effective Treatment of Logistics Resource Issues in the Air Force Planning, Programming, and Bugeting System (PPBS) Process
874 Mary K. Allen
Putting Expert Systems to Work in Logistics
874 Edward O., Jr. Bennett
Air Force munitions ISO management: logistics enterprise for containers.(International Organization for Standardization): An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
874 Christopher Holmes
Attitudes and Trends Toward the Greening of the Automotive Supply Chain in the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Region, 2008
874 American Shipping and Industrial League.
Official proceedings of the convention
874 Cornelius F. Smith
The Shipping Murphys: The Palgrave Murphy Shipping Line 1850-1926
874 R. Bhatnagar
Supply chain competitiveness: measuring the impact of location factors, uncertainty and manufacturing practices [An article from: Technovation]
873 United Nations Environment Programme
The Role of Supply Chains in Addressing the Global Seafood Crisis
872 Benjamin S. Lambeth
NATO's Air War for Kosovo: A Strategic and Operational Assessment (Project Air Force Series on Operation Allied Force)
872 Janet P. Smith
Army Logistics Systems: Opportunities to Improve the Accuracy of the Army?
872 Clare Brindley
Supply Chain Risk
871 Jayashree Dubey
Supply Chain Management
871 Jerome G. Peppers
History of the United States Military Logistics, 1935-1985: A Brief Review
870 Matthias L??tke Entrup
Advanced Planning in Fresh Food Industries: Integrating Shelf Life into Production Planning (Contributions to Management Science)
867 William J. Augello
Transportation, Logistics, and the Law
866 Joseph Geunes
Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research (Applied Optimization)
866 Bruce Pirnie
Assessing Requirements for Peacekeeping, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
865 Matthias Hackl
Analyse und Bewertung von Supply Chains: Erl?
865 Daniel Byman
A Stronger Partnership: Improving Military Cooperation with Relief Agencies and Allies in Humanitarian Crises
865 Hsiao-Fan Wang
Web-Based Green Products Life Cycle Management Systems: Reverse Supply Chain Utilization (Premier Reference Source)
865 Asima Mishra
Managing Product Upgrade in Closed Loop Supply Chains: Concepts and Models
864 Gloria Montero
Billy Higgins Rides the Freights (Adventures in Canada)
864 Peter Lorange
Shipping Strategy: Innovating for Success
864 Cathy L. Erickson
Challenges and opportunities for an ITS/intermodal freight program: final report
863 Martin Murray
Understanding the SAP Logistics Information System (LIS)
862 Wolfgang Buchholz
Supply Chain Solutions. Best Practices in e-business.
861 Robert C Lieb
Third-party logistics: A manager's guide
861 Rosalind Lewis
Building a Multinational Global Satellite System: An Initial Look (Project Air Force)
860 John A. Ausink
Air Force Procurement Workforce Transformation: Lessons from the Commercial Sector for Skills, Training, and Metrics
860 John A Lynn
Feeding Mars: Logistics In Western Warfare From The Middle Ages To The Present (History and Warfare)