Shipping Books

Popularity Author & Titlesort descending
1,242 Robert S. Tripp
A Framework for Enhancing Airlift and Execution Capabilities within the Joint Expeditionary Movement System
1,794 James Lewis Cowles
A General Freight and Passenger Post, a Practical Solution of the Railroad Problem
1,250 J. Edwin Becht
A geography of transportation and business logistics (The Brown foundations of geography series)
1,271 John W. I. Lee
A Greek Army on the March: Soldiers and Survival in Xenophon's Anabasis
1,262 Louis Francois Honor?
A Guide to the Merchant Shipping Acts (v. 1)
1,292 Louis Francois Honor?
A Guide to the Merchant Shipping Acts (v. 2)
1,232 F. M Henderson
A guide to use of the XWAVE program (Computation, Mathematics, and Logistics Department research and development report)
1,292 John Robb Baxter Bruce
A Handbook On the Law of Shipping and Marine Insurance
1,168 Ren?
A Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Merchant Marine and Shipping Industry: Since the Introduction of Steam
1,340 Yrj?? Kaukiainen
A History of Finnish Shipping (Maritime History)
1,197 Gelina Harlaftis
A History of Greek-Owned Shipping: The Making of an International Tramp Fleet, 1830 to the Present Day (Maritime History)
1,361 Michael Oppenheim
A History of the Administration of the Royal Navy and of Merchant Shipping in Relation to the Navy,: From MDIX to MDCLX With an Introduction Treating of the Preceding Period.
1,310 Colin M. Castle
1,278 Gardner C. Bent
A logistic regression equation for estimating the probability of a stream flowing perennially in Massachusetts (SuDoc I 19.42/4:02-4043)
1,565 IDC
A Look at Supply Chain Application Investments in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)
1,362 A. Davies
A Management Guide to Logistics Engineering (Manufacturing Series)
1,284 Kwok L. Shum
A mathematical-computer simulation of the dynamics of a freight element in a railroad freight car
1,437 Don Snyder
A Methodology for Determining Air Force Deployment Requirements (Supporting Air and Space Expeditionary Forces)
1,242 John E. Peters
A Methodology for Developing Army Acquisition Strategies for an Uncertain Future
1,192 Susan Mallery
A Mother's Day (Mills and Boon Shipping Cycle) (Mills and Boon Shipping Cycle)
1,177 Thomas I. Schoenfeldt
A Practical Application of Supply Chain Management Principles
1,189 Andrew Watson
A practical Guide for supply chain management
1,956 Michael B. Stroh
A Practical Guide to Transportation and Logistics
1,395 Robert Button
A Preliminary Investigation of Ship Acquisition Options for Joint Foricle Entry Operations
1,967 Olaf Helmer-Hirschberg
A problem in logistics: The Jeep problem
1,179 Nicola Cornick
1,438 Gratz Mordecai
A Report On the Terminal Facilities for Handling Freight of the Railroads Entering the Port of New York: Especially of Those Raliroads Having Direct Western Connections
1,165 Sarp Yeletay?i
A Risk Analysis on the Continuity of the Petroleum Supply Chain: using GIS and Systems Simulation
1,724 C. Ernest Fayle
A Short History of the World's Shipping Industry
1,220 Carl Rhodes
A Strategies-to-Tasks Framework for Planning and Executing Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations