Shipping Books

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644 Wijnand Van Plaggenhoef
Inegration And Self Regulation Of Quality Management In Dutch Agri-Food Supply Chains: A Cross-chain Analysis of the Poultry Meat, the Fruit and Vegetable and the Flower and Potted Plant Chains
644 Douglas Owen
Maritime Warfare and Merchant-Shipping
644 William B. Lee
Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations: A Guide to Sustainable World-Class Capability and Results
644 Alexander J. Yeats
Shipping and Development Policy
644 Bill Pronzini
Night Freight
644 Gill Draper
Getting the Basics Right in Logistics
644 Donald Waters
Global Logistics And Distribution Planning: Strategies for Management
644 Scott Webster
Principles of Supply Chain Management
644 Thomas G. Gunn
In the Age of the Real-Time Enterprise: Managing for Winning Business Performance with Enterprise Logistics Management (The executive breakthrough series)
644 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Specialized Freight Trucking
644 Nada R. Sanders
Supply Chain Management: A Value Network Approach
644 S. Thomas Foster
Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain (3rd Edition)
645 Alain Chong
Collaborative Commerce in Malaysia's Supply Chain Management: An Empirical Analysis on Malaysian Electrical and Electronics Organizations
645 Robert O. Martichenko
Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Strategic Development to Operational Success
645 Samarthia Thankappan
Looking Up, Looking Down: Responsibilities for Climate Change in the UK Food Supply Chains (Brass Working Paper Series)
645 Emilio-Germ?
Diccionario Terminologico de Marketing y Logistica: Dictionary of Marketing and Logistics Terminology / By Emilio-German Mu~niz Castro; With the Termi (Verba Diccionarios) (Spanish Edition)
645 Charles Curtice McCain
Freight Rates: Official Classification Territory and Eastern Canada
645 Dana Gould
Corporate Payments and Financial Supply Chain: Which Banks Are Best
645 Charlie Morgan
Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide
645 Andreas Felber
Supply Chain Management in der Automobilzulieferindustrie: Effizienzsteigerung der Produktion (German Edition)
645 Raja G. Kasilingam
Logistics and Transportation - Design and Planning
645 Joel D. Wisner
Principles of Supply Chain Management (with InfoTrac and CD-ROM)
Logistics Research Network 2000 Conference Proceedings
645 Andrew Cox
Managing in Construction Supply Chains and Markets
645 U Dinesh Kumar
Reliability, Maintenance and Logistic Support - A Life Cycle Approach
645 George Wright
Managing Enterprises: Stakeholders, Engineering, Logistics, and Achievement (IMechE Seminar Publications)
645 Edward Sweeney
Perspectives on Supply Chain Management and Logistics : Creating Competitive Organisations in the 21st Century
645 Sameer Kumar
Managing Product Life Cycle in a Supply Chain Context: A Prescription Based on Empirical Research
645 Greg H. Williams
The French Assault on American Shipping, 1793-1813: A History and Comprehensive Record of Merchant Marine Losses
645 Gianns Theotokas
Leadership in World Shipping: Greek Family Firms in International Business