Shipping Books

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574 Graham Dunlop
Military Economics, Culture and Logistics in the Burma Campaign 1942-1945 (Warfare, Society and Culture)
574 Stanley Fawcett
Supply Chain Design & Implementation (From Vision to Action)
574 Leigh Hickombottom
Logistics of Leanness
574 S. Thomas Foster
Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain (3rd Edition)
574 Joseph Sarkis
Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
574 Nada R. Sanders
Supply Chain Management: A Value Network Approach
574 Emilio-Germ?
Diccionario Terminologico de Marketing y Logistica: Dictionary of Marketing and Logistics Terminology / By Emilio-German Mu~niz Castro; With the Termi (Verba Diccionarios) (Spanish Edition)
574 Charles Curtice McCain
Freight Rates: Official Classification Territory and Eastern Canada
574 Maarten van de Voort
Seacurity: Improving the Security of the Global Sea Container Shipping System
574 Edgar Watkins
Shippers and Carriers of Interstate and Intrastate Freight
574 Zongwei Luo
Service Science and Logistics Informatics: Innovative Perspectives (Premier Reference Source)
574 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Stamped and Pressed Galvanized Steel Pails, Ash Cans, Garbage Cans, and Tubs Excluding Shipping Containers
574 Donald J. Bowersox
Physical Distribution Management: Logistics Problems of the Firm
574 Robert B. Handfield
Supply Chain Redesign: Transforming Supply Chains into Integrated Value Systems (paperback)
574 Philip M. Parker
Logistics Products and Services in Hong Kong: A Strategic Reference, 2007
574 Antonis Antapassis
Competition and Regulation in Shipping and Shipping Related Industries
574 Icon Group International
The 2009 Report on Bleached and Semi-Bleached Shipping Sack Paper Excluding Unbleached Kraft Paper: World Market Segmentation by City
574 Ashish Dwivedi
Supply Chain Management and Knowledge Management: Integrating Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice
574 Suresh P. Sethi
Inventory and Supply Chain Management with Forecast Updates
574 Kevin Cullinane
Shipping Economics, Volume 12 (Research in Transportation Economics)
574 William T. Walker
Supply Chain Networks and Business Process Orientation: Advanced Strategies and Best Practices (Resource Management)
574 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Corrugated Shipping Containers for Food and Beverages in Japan
574 R. T. Sexton
Shipping arrivals and departures, South Australia, 1627-1850: A guide for genealogists and maritime historians (Roebuck Society publication)
574 ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 31
ISO/IEC 15459-4:2006, Information technology - Unique identifiers - Part 4: Unique identifiers for supply chain management
ACP Principles of Supply Chain Management (With Harvard Cases)
574 Icon Group International
The 2009 World Forecasts of Railway or Tramway Freight and Maintenance Cars Export Supplies
574 LTC(Ret.) James H. Henderson
Military Logistics Made Easy: Concept, Theory, and Execution
574 Michael Roe
Strategic Management in the Maritime Sector: A Case Study of Poland and Germany (Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping and Logistics)
574 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Single-And Double-Wall Shipping Sacks and Bags Excluding Textile Bags in Greater China
574 Richard Vahrenkamp
Quantitative Logistik f??r das Supply Chain Management.