Shipping Books

Popularitysort ascending Author & Title
1,045 Gerhard Knolmayer
Supply Chain Management Based on SAP Systems
1,045 Patrick Finlay
Jane's Freight Containers 1987 (Jane's Intermodal Transportation)
1,042 Jay Cheng
Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes
1,042 Thomas Augustus Jaggar
Volcanoes declare war;: Logistics and strategy of Pacific volcano science
1,042 Pennie Ahmed
Shipping Semen? How to Have a Successful Experience
1,042 Roger Finch
Cross in the Topsail: An Account of the Shipping Interests of R.W. Paul
1,041 David Henry Moreby
The human element in shipping
1,040 U.S. Army
21st Century U.S. Army Field Manuals: Stryker Brigade Combat Team Infantry Battalion FM 3-21.21, Logistics FM 4-90.7, Reconnaissance Platoon FM 3-21.94 (CD-ROM)
1,039 Stig Tenold
Tankers in Trouble: Norwegian Shipping and the Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s (Research in Maritime History,)
1,039 Graham Buxton
Effective Marketing Logistics
1,038 Hau L. Lee
The Triple-A Supply Chain (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)
1,037 Department of Defense
21st Century U.S. Army Combat Service Support Operations, Theater Army Area Command Field Manual (FM 63-4) - Battefield, Supply, Logistics, Rear Area Protection, NBC Environment
1,036 Ronald Hope
New History of British Shipping
1,036 Kristin F. Lynch
Supporting Air and Space Expeditionary Forces: Lessons from Operation Iraqi Freedom
1,034 Angela Hale
Threads of Labour: Garment Industry Supply Chains from the Workers' Perspective (Antipode Book Series)
1,034 Rev. W. Awdry
Thomas and the Freight Train (Thomas and Friends) (A Chunky Book(R))
1,034 W.G. Chapman
'Twixt Rail and Sea: Great Western Railway Book of Docks, Seaports and Shipping (Boys of All Ages)
1,033 Dimitris N. Chorafas
The Internet Supply Chain: Impact on Accounting and Logistics
1,032 David M. Williams
The World of Shipping (Studies in Transport History)
1,032 Carlos J Vidal
Modeling the impact of uncertainties on global logistics systems (Industrial and Systems Engineering Report Series)
1,029 Thomas Vollmann
1,028 Bas Groothedde
Logistics Network Design and Collaboration: Design, Theory, and Practice
1,028 Alan William Halliday Pearsall
Shipping: A Survey of Historical Records
1,027 Sandy McLachlan
The National Freight Buy-Out: The Inside Story
1,025 Pascal Bellaire
Analyse und Optimierung der Supply Chain eines mittelst?
1,024 Department of Defense
21st Century Complete Guide to the U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM): History and Mission, Logistics, Air, Land and Sea Transport for the U.S. Military (CD-ROM)
1,024 Books LLC
Logistics: Logistics, Transport, Computer-Assisted Dispatch, Dispatch, Space Logistics, Distribution Center, Clinical Engineering, Airlift
1,024 Jan B. Young
Supply Chain Metrics
1,023 Florian A. Mikulski
Supply Chain Management: Complex Procurements: The Process of Buying Customized Technology
1,022 Gerard F King
Human resources, logistics and cost factors in weapon system development (AFHRL-TR)