Shipping Books

Popularitysort ascending Author & Title
1,652 Pennie Ahmed
Shipping Semen? How to Have a Successful Experience
1,652 James Kinkaid
Pullman Standard Color Guide to Freight Equipment
1,651 Robert W Coakley
Global logistics and strategy: 1943-1945 (United States Army in World War II : the War Department)
1,650 Marvin Luke Fair
Economics of Transportation and Logistics
1,649 Hannes Beovic
Barrieren und Chancen von RFID in der Supply Chain
1,646 Bas Groothedde
Logistics Network Design and Collaboration: Design, Theory, and Practice
1,646 Thomas Augustus Jaggar
Volcanoes declare war;: Logistics and strategy of Pacific volcano science
1,645 Richard D. Armstrong
Who's Who in Logistics? - Armstrong's Guide to Third Party Logistics Services Providers
1,645 Books LLC
Logistics: Logistics, Transport, Computer-Assisted Dispatch, Dispatch, Space Logistics, Distribution Center, Clinical Engineering, Airlift
1,645 W.G. Chapman
'Twixt Rail and Sea: Great Western Railway Book of Docks, Seaports and Shipping (Boys of All Ages)
1,644 David M. Williams
The World of Shipping (Studies in Transport History)
1,644 Frank Straube
Internationalisation of Logistics Systems: How Chinese and German companies enter foreign markets (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1,644 Patrick Finlay
Jane's Freight Containers 1987 (Jane's Intermodal Transportation)
1,643 Stig Tenold
Tankers in Trouble: Norwegian Shipping and the Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s (Research in Maritime History,)
1,642 Douglas Long
Logistica Internacional/ International Logistics: Administracion de La cadena de abastecimiento global/ Global Supply Chain Management (Spanish Edition)
1,641 Jan B. Young
Supply Chain Metrics
1,640 Jurgen Weber
Steuerung Der Supply Chain: Aber Mit Welchen Instrumenten? (German Edition)
1,640 Charles Wolf
U.S. Combat Commands' Participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative: A Training Manual (Technical Report)
1,637 Roger Finch
Cross in the Topsail: An Account of the Shipping Interests of R.W. Paul
1,637 Maciej Piechocki
XBRL for Interactive Data: Engineering the Information Value Chain
1,636 Thomas Vollmann
1,635 Pascal Bellaire
Analyse und Optimierung der Supply Chain eines mittelst?
1,635 Philip Obal
Who's Who in 3PL WMS Software: Warehouse Management System Software Solutions for Third Party Logistics Providers
1,634 Florian A. Mikulski
Supply Chain Management: Complex Procurements: The Process of Buying Customized Technology
1,633 Unknown
United States Marine Corps mid-range logistics information resources (LOG IR) plan, 1996-2001
1,632 J. Barrett
Securing Global Transportation Networks
1,632 Alan William Halliday Pearsall
Shipping: A Survey of Historical Records
1,629 John Albert Droege
Freight Terminals and Trains: Including a Revision of Yards and Terminals
1,629 Lynn M. Stone
Freight Trains (Stone, Lynn M. Trains.)
1,628 Anonymous
Lloyd's Register of Shipping