Shipping Books

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606 Hans Veeke
Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Industrial Logistics: Integrating Simulation in Logistic Design
764 Matthias L??tke Entrup
Advanced Planning in Fresh Food Industries: Integrating Shelf Life into Production Planning (Contributions to Management Science)
669 Charles C. Poirier
Advanced Supply Chain Management: How to Build a Sustained Competitive Advantage
793 Norman M. Sadeh
Advances in B2B e-Commerce and e-Supply Chain Management: A Special Double Issue of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (Journal ... Computing & Electronic Commerce)
624 Andreas Fink
Advances in Computational Intelligence in Transport, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
1,114 Bernhard Fleischmann
Advances in Distribution Logistics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
687 Julie J. Gentry
Affiliation of authors in transportation and logistics academic journals - revisited.: An article from: Transportation Journal
687 Partha Priya Datta
Agent-based simulation for improving resilience of supply chains: A guide to manage uncertainty in supply chains
729 Chris Knight
Agriculture in the Food Supply Chain: An Overview (Key Topics in Food Science & Technology)
649 United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation
Aids to Employment Managers and Interviewers on Shipyard Occupations with Description of Such Occupa
778 Edward O., Jr. Bennett
Air Force munitions ISO management: logistics enterprise for containers.(International Organization for Standardization): An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
740 John A. Ausink
Air Force Procurement Workforce Transformation: Lessons from the Commercial Sector for Skills, Training, and Metrics
746 Peter S. Smith
Air Freight: Operations, Economics and Marketing
713 Marco Linz
Airfreight Supply Chain Collaboration
628 Robert C. Owen
Airlift Capabilities for Future U.S. Counterinsurgency Operations
733 Richard A. Pierce
Alaskan Shipping, 1867-1878: Arrivals and Departures at the Port of Sitka (Alaska History)
693 Donald W. Engels
Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army
902 V.G. Narayanan
Aligning Incentives in Supply Chains (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition)
699 Scotty A. Pendley
Aligning maintenance metrics: improving C-5 TNMCM.(total not mission capable maintenance)(Essay): An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
1,054 Friedrich Boer
All About A Container Ship
659 J. A. Salter
Allied Shipping Control: An Experiment In International Administration (1921)
688 Ray Madden
Alligators, Freight Trains & Near Flying Disasters: How To Fly An Airplane Backwards, And How To Lose Over 18 Engines And Live To Retire Or Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
624 Science, and Transportation. Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and Tourism, . United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce
Amend the Shipping act of 1916: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and Tourism of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate
646 Benjamin S. Lambeth
American Carrier Air Power at the Dawn of a New Century
614 Clinton H. Whitehurst
American Domestic Shipping in American Ships: Jones Act Costs, Benefits and Options (Special analysis)
583 Robert B. Bresticker
American Manufacturing and Logistics in the Year 2001
1,050 William Wallace Bates
American Marine: The Shipping Question in History and Politics
698 William W. (William Wallace) Bates
American Marine: The Shipping Question in History and Politics [1892 ]
615 William Frederick Spackman
An Analysis of the Occupations of the People,: Showing the Relative Importance of the Agricultural, Manufacturing, Shipping, Colonial, Commercial & M (Reprints of Economic Classics)
701 Harshani Herath
An Aspect of Logistic Regression: Goodness of fit tests for the Logistic Regression Model