Shipping Books

Popularity Author & Titlesort descending
724 James Cooper
European Logistics: Markets, Management and Strategy
European logistics: The view from Scandinavia (Report)
669 Henry H. Willis
Evaluating the SEcurity of the Global Containerized Supply Chain (Technical Report (RAND))
705 Luis Martin Diaz
Evaluation of Cooperative Planning in Supply Chains
675 Mahyar A. Amouzegar
Evaluation of Options for Overseas Combat Support Basin
678 Stefanie Goder
Evaluation von Instrumenten des Supply Chain Controllings in ausgew?
814 Charles Erle Bell
Everyday Freight Rules and Tariff Manual Applicable to Interstate Traffic
662 Yoon Seok Chang
Evolution of Supply Chain Management: Symbiosis of Adaptive Value Networks and ICT
696 Inc. American Society of Transportation and Logistics
Evolution Status and Future of the Corporate Transportation Function
696 Mark A. Lorell
Evolutionary Acquisition: Implementation Challenges for Defense Space Programs
660 MznLnx
Exam Prep for Introduction To Operations And Supply Chain Management by Bozarth, Handfield, 1st Ed.
3,807 Stuart Emmett
Excellence in Freight Transport: How to Better Manage Domestic and International Logistics Transport (Excellence in...)
695 David Granville
Excellence In Inventory Management: How To Minimise Costs And Maximise Service
662 Stuart Emmett
Excellence In Supply Chain Management: How To Understand And Improve Supply Chains
690 Qiang Zhou
Exploring the Impacts of Supply Information Sharing: Findings from a Supply Chain Simulation Model
677 Upendra Kachru
Exploring the Supply Chain: Theory and Practice
666 Samarthia Thankappan
Exploring the UK Red Meat Supply Chain (Working Paper)
860 Dina Levy
Exploring the Use of Microworld Models to Train Army Logistics Management Skills
760 W. G. Waters
Export Coal Logistics: Management, Models, and Moving Coal
669 Lou Dobbs
Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas
Express Series: English for Logistics Student's Book and MultiROM
783 Faulkner Information Services
Extending the Supply Chain to an E-Business
708 Kenneth Karel Boyer
Extending the Supply Chain: How Cutting-Edge Companies Bridge the Critical Last Mile into Customers' Homes
661 David J. Forkenbrock
External Costs of Truck and Rail Freight Transportation
691 Maria Leivo
Extranet in Development of Supply Chain: Case study
919 Faulkner Information Services
Face-Off: Supply Chain Management Software
664 Joseph Sarkis
Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
740 Maher Lahmar
Facility Logistics: Approaches and Solutions to Next Generation Challenges (Resource Management)
848 Ph.D. Adam J. Fein
Facing the Forces of Change?
666 Jonatan Gjerdrum
Fair Transfer Price and Inventory Holding Policies in Two-Enterprise Supply Chains