Shipping Books

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717 Paul Garon
What's the Use of Walking When There's a Freight Train Going Your Way?: Black Hoboes and Their Songs
717 Haiyan Song
Tourism Supply Chain Management
717 Beth J. Asch
The Quality of Personnel in the Enlisted Ranks
717 Bernard J. LA Londe
Supplement to Bibliography on Logistics Management
716 Farhad Ameri
Supply Chain Standardization- An Ontological Approach
716 Jack C. Fuson
Transportation and Logistics: One Man's Story
715 Dmitry Ivanov
Adaptive Supply Chain Management
715 E. Annie Proulx (Author)
The Shipping News (Paperback)
715 Peter R. Brodie
Commercial Shipping Handbook
715 Icon Group International
The 2009-2014 Outlook for Plastics Shipping Boxes and Cases in India
715 Donald J. Bowersox
Start Pulling Your Chain!
715 Michael D. Tusiani
The Petroleum Shipping Industry: Operations and Practices (Pennwell Nontechnical Series)
714 B. J. Nicolle
British Rail Freight Services in Focus
714 John Robb Baxter Bruce
A Handbook On the Law of Shipping and Marine Insurance
714 Colin M. Castle
714 Felix W. H. Chan
Shipping and Logistics Law: Principles and Practice in Hong Kong
714 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for General Freight Trucking
714 Lewis M. Schneider
The Future of the U.S. Domestic Air Freight Industry: An Analysis of Management Strategies (Harvard Business School Publications)
714 Unknown
Selling to the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, other defense agencies : general information, items purchased, location of military purchasing offices
713 Mario Neuwirth
Balanced Supply Chain Scorecard: Das Steuerungstool f??r st??rmische Zeiten (German Edition)
713 Alice Marie Long
Enterprise architecture: origins, tools, and insights.: An article from: Air Force Journal of Logistics
713 Clifford F. Lynch
logistics outsourcing -- a management guide
712 Cecil C. Bozarth
Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management [With CDROMWith Paperback Book]
712 Harshani Herath
An Aspect of Logistic Regression: Goodness of fit tests for the Logistic Regression Model
712 Miles Cook
Why companies flunk supply-chain 101 : Only 33% correctly measure supply-chain performance
712 George G. Maltenfort
Corrugated Shipping Containers: An Engineering Approach
711 Douglas M. Lambert
Fundamentals of Logistics Management
711 Jack Pierce
The Freight Train Book
710 John G. Drew
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle End to End Support Considerations
710 William H. Miller
Famous Ocean Liners: The Story of Passenger Shipping, from the Turn of the Century to the Present Day