Shipping Books

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823 Gratz Mordecai
A Report On the Terminal Facilities for Handling Freight of the Railroads Entering the Port of New York: Especially of Those Raliroads Having Direct Western Connections
822 Michael Oppenheim
A History of the Administration of the Royal Navy and of Merchant Shipping in Relation to the Navy,: From MDIX to MDCLX With an Introduction Treating of the Preceding Period.
821 Frank A. Camm
Effective Treatment of Logistics Resource Issues in the Air Force Planning, Programming, and Bugeting System (PPBS) Process
821 Charles Dana Gibson
Assault and Logistics: Union Army Coastal and River Operations 1861-1866 (Army's Navy Series, Vol 2)
821 Robert Swan
British Army Transport and Logistics
821 Michael Rex
My Freight Train
820 Mark A. Taylor
Computerized Shipping Systems : Increasing Profit and Productivity Through Technology
820 Dina Levy
Exploring the Use of Microworld Models to Train Army Logistics Management Skills
819 Norman E. Hutchinson
An Integrated Approach to Logistics Management (Prentice-Hall International Series in Industrial and Systems Engineering)
818 Luis Ruiz-Garcia
Development of Monitoring Systems for Cold Chain Logistics: Improving Food Safety through Emergent Sensing Technologies in the Cold Supply Chain
818 Susan Phillips Bari
Partnering for Profit: Success Strategies for Tomorrow's Supply Chain
817 Ron Basu
Total Supply Chain Management
816 Clyde Lyndon King
A Study Of Trolley Light Freight Service And Philadelphia Markets: In Their Bearing On The Cost Of Farm Produce (1912)
816 Lance Batten
Supply Chain Management 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing SCM Software, Logistics, Solution, System and Process Guide
815 C.V. Christianson
In search of logistics visibility: enabling effective decision making.: An article from: Defense Transportation Journal
815 ISO TC 104/SC 1
ISO 3874:1997, Series 1 freight containers -- Handling and securing
814 John W. Toomey
MRP II: Planning for manufacturing excellence (Chapman & Hall Materials Management/Logistics Series)
814 A. J. Ambrose
Jane's Merchant Shipping Review
814 M.B.F. Ranken
World Shipping in the 1990's: Greenwich Forum Conference Proceedings
814 ISO TC 104
ISO 830:1999, Freight containers -- Vocabulary
813 Michael R. Quayle
Logistics: An Integrated Approach
813 AMR Research
Supply Chain Saves the World
813 Duncan S. Ballantine
U.S. Naval Logistics in the Second World War
813 Paul Kosakowski
A tale of two distributors: the future of the supply chain.: An article from: Doors and Hardware
812 Frederick W. Memmott
Application of Statewide Freight Demand Forecasting Techniques (National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report,)
811 Don Snyder
Assessing Capabilities and Risks in Air Force Programming: Framework, Metrics, and Methods
811 John Dumond
Velocity Management: The Business Paradigm that has Transformed U.S. Army Logistics
811 J. J. Vogt
Business Logistics Management: Theory and Practice
810 Eiichi Taniguchi
Innovations in City Logistics
809 Haiqing Song
A Study on The Dynamic Network Flow Problems: With Applications to The Dynamic Resource Managment in Logistics Networks