Shipping Books

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668 Emiko Banfield
Harnessing Value in the Supply Chain: Strategic Sourcing in Action (Operations Management Series)
668 James L. Lamprecht
Quality and Power in the Supply Chain: What Industry does for the Sake of Quality
668 James A. Huston
One for All: NATO Strategy and Logistics Through the Formative Period, (1949-1969)
668 McGraw-Hill
Succeeding In The World Of Work, Career Clusters, Scientific Research and Engineering; Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (Career Clusters, Succeeding in the World of Work)
668 JohnJCoyle;EdwardJBardi;CJohnLangley
Management of Business Logistics A Supply Chain Perspective 7th ed
668 Paul Whittaker
Practical Bamboos: The 50 Best Plants for Screens, Containers and More
668 Joseph Geunes
Supply Chain Management: Models, Applications, and Research (Applied Optimization)
668 Norbert Gronau
Enterprise Resource Planning und Supply Chain Management
668 Edmund W. Schuster
Global RFID: The Value of the EPCglobal Network for Supply Chain Management
668 Philip C. Cheng
Financial Management in the Shipping Industry (360p)
668 E. A. V Angier
Fifty Years' Freights, 1869-1919
668 David Larkin
Pre-nationalisation Freight Wagons on British Railways
668 Paul D. Allison
Logistic Regression Using the SAS System: Theory and Application + Regression Analysis by Example
668 Philip M. Parker
The 2007-2012 Outlook for Retail Logistics in Greater China
668 Bastin Gerald
Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management
668 M. Kotabe
Global Supply Chain Management (Globalization of the World Economy)
668 Icon Group
The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Corrugated Shipping Containers for Metal Products, Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies
668 Shaun Connors
Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics, 2002-2003
668 Peter Buxmann
Inter-organizational Cooperation with SAP Solutions: Design and Management of Supply Networks (SAP Excellence)
668 D. R. Thomas
Maritime Liens (British Shipping Laws Volume 14)
668 Sandor Boyson
In Real Time: Managing the New Supply Chain
668 Hamid Pourmohammadi
668 Martin Presser
Das Konzept des Supply Chain Management als Auspr?
668 David H. Hickcox
Gn Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment
668 Icon Group International
The 2009 Report on Hi-Tech Logistics: World Market Segmentation by City
668 Icon Group International
The 2009 Import and Export Market for Railway or Tramway Vans, Wagons, and Freight Cars for the Transport of Goods Excluding Self-Propelled in Russia
668 Byron J. Finch
Operations Now: Supply Chain Profitability and Performance [With CDROM]
668 S. C.) Logistics Resource Forum 1983 (Kiawah Island
Logistics: Contribution and Control
668 William T. Walker
Supply Chain Architecture: A Blueprint for Networking the Flow of Material, Information, and Cash (Resource Management)
668 Grant Miller Davis
Physical Logistics Management